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One Australian man crashed his Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe while on a Sunday drive. Speeding down the Princes Highway in St. Peters, the Ferrari supercar exceeded the 24 mph speed limit by an incredible amount. Thankfully, this was not a fatal Ferrari crash, but it still caused a lot of damage to the supercar.

The red Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe crashed into a power pole

This 2016 Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe crashed into a light pole
This Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe crashed into a light pole | YouTube via 7NEWS Australia

In the video from 7News Australia, you can see the red Ferrari slam into a light pole at a high rate of speed. The 458 bounced off the light pole and spun around before coming to a stop. The passenger can be heard complaining about his legs hurting, and the driver suffered a head injury.

The entire front wheel, tire, and suspension appear to be missing from the driver’s side. A side airbag inflated and deflated after the impact and now is just blowing in the breeze. Fire rescue and paramedics had to free the pair from the totaled Ferrari sports car.

A paramedic on the scene said that every airbag in the Ferrari 458 went off during the impact. With a top speed of more than 200 mph and 562 hp, it’s no wonder the airbags went off. Crashing a supercar or sports car is never a positive experience, especially if it is avoidable.

The Ferrari 458 Italia’s price and specs make this crash even more painful

The regular Ferrari 458 Italia will run buyers between $277,400 and $350,680. According to Drive Australia, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) sold 257 Ferarri sports cars in 2019. In 2018, Ferrari only sold 241 units in the whole year. While the Ferrari 458 Italia isn’t a cheap car to start with, it was likely one of very few in Australia.

For comparison’s sake, Lamborghini reported selling 147 vehicles in 2019. That was up 9.7% over 2018 when it moved 134 units. Porsche has also been ramping up sales in the area, trying to compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini. With 4,161 Porsche sales, it’s clear Australia has a supercar problem on its hands. Before the pandemic, luxury automotive sales were having a record year.

Don’t speed in your supercar, even if it might be tempting

The 458 Italia goes by a few names, such as 458 Speciale and 458 Spyder. Ferrari produced this vehicle from 2009 until 2015 in Maranello, Italy. The supercar brand made around 15,000 of the Italia, specifically. Eventually, it was replaced by the Ferrari 488.

Thankfully, this Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe crash was limited to a single vehicle and a light pole or two. There were no further updates from 7News, so hopefully, the passenger and the driver made it out without further injury. If you take your special Ferrari 458 Italia out for a drive, abide by speed limits.


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