Lucid Air EPA-Rated for an Enormous 520 Miles of Range, Over 100 Miles More Than Its Nearest EV Competitor

The Lucid Air recently debuted on the market, and it’s creating some stiff competition for Tesla. Both these luxury EV sedans have a lot to offer the consumer, but there’s one area where the Air wins hands down. It’s an awe-inspiring electric driving range. 

What does the Lucid Air offer the consumer? 

A white Lucid Air in front of a modern style home with palm trees.
Lucid Air | Lucid

Car and Driver have laid out some of the most important specs for the 2022 Air, produced by startup manufacturer Lucid. First, it’s important to note that the car comes in five different trims, ranging widely in price.

The most affordable trim is the Pure, which starts at $77,400 and features a 480 hp engine. Next is the Touring, starting at $87,500 and featuring 650 hp. Following that, the Grand Touring, the trim particularly recommended by Car and Driver, begins at a much higher $139,000 and features an impressive 800 hp. Finally, the Dream Edition Range and Dream Edition Performance are the most expensive trims. Each starts at a whopping $169,000. They take the cake in terms of power, with 933 hp and 1111 hp, respectively.  

Speed is the name of the game with the Air. Lucid claims the quickest Air can go a quarter-mile in just 9.9 seconds at 144 mph. The fastest Air trim has a top speed of 168 mph.

The Lucid Air’s range is truly astounding

What’s truly impressive about the Air, though, isn’t its speed. Plenty of other high-performance vehicles can cover significant distances in similarly short periods. 

What’s got people talking about the Air is its range. As Autoweek recently reported, the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range will go an impressive 520 miles on a single charge. The EPA has confirmed that stat. What’s remarkable about the vehicle’s reported range is that it’s the most extended range figure ever calculated by the EPA and 100 miles more than the range of its nearest competitor, the Tesla Model S Long Range. 

Lucid unsurprisingly touted the rating in a statement. “One of two distinct versions of the Lucid Air Dream Edition, the Dream Edition Range embodies Lucid’s exacting focus on maximizing efficiency, achieving 520 miles of range while still delivering 933 horsepower,” the statement read. “It sits alongside the 1,111 horsepower Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance and Grand Touring versions, which have also now received their official EPA range ratings.”

The range varies by trim

No matter what trim you choose, you’re sure to get some impressive mileage per charge from the Lucid Air. For maximum range, though, you’ll want to choose the Dream Edition Range with 19-in. wheels. If you go for 21-in. wheels instead, you can expect to get a bit less range: 481 miles per charge.

The Dream Edition Performance offers just slightly fewer miles per charge. With 19-in. wheels, you can expect to travel 471 miles before you need to stop for a recharge. If you have 21-in. wheels, you’ll need to subtract 20 miles from your expected traveling capacity per charge.

The Grand Touring isn’t too far off the Dream Edition Range regarding mileage per charge. It can go 516 miles per charge on 19-in. wheels or 469 miles per charge on 21-in. wheels.

Despite these impressive numbers, so far, the Lucid vehicles do appear to have at least one significant drawback compared to competitors: it’s not yet possible to purchase one. However, deliveries are supposedly set to start by the end of the year.  

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