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I am a big fan of Lego. It could be said that I have a bit of an addiction to the interlocking plastic bricks. It certainly does not help that Lego keeps releasing amazing automotive-themed sets.

It took every ounce of willpower not to pre-order the Lamborghini Sian Hybrid set. Then came another touch-and-go moment when the “Fast and Furious” Dodge Charger set was released. Every year Lego drops more and more car-based sets, and each one makes my wallet lighter.

The Toyota GR Supra’s growing fan base

Yellow Toyota GR Supra on an open road.
Toyota GR Supra | Toyota

When the new Toyota GR Supra was revealed, it had a mixed reception. Some were on the fence about the exterior styling. Others could not get past the fact that underneath the bodywork, the GR Supra is effectively a BMW Z4. 

Yet, Toyota has worked hard to convince the doubters that the GR Supra is worthy of the name. The A91 model addresses some of the minor problems that fans had with the original model. Furthermore, the aftermarket has wholly embraced the new Supra, which can go a long way to win over some who may not have been convinced during the launch. 

Lego Speed Champions GR Supra

The Lego Speed Champions Toyota GR Supra set.
Lego Champions Toyota GR Supra | Lego

Lego’s Speed Champions line has run strong for the last few years, releasing seasonal trios of car sets to attract car enthusiasts of all ages. The latest crop included the Toyota GR Supra in a move that many fans did not see coming. Before you ask, yes, I bought one.

The Toyota GR Supra Speed Champions set is comprised of 299 Lego bricks and even includes a mini-figure of a Toyota motorsports driver. Despite the GR Supra’s very curvy design, the Lego set captures the essence of the Supra nicely. It is undoubtedly worthy of display on a desk once completed. Though, recently Lego decided to take things further.

Creating a life-sized LEGO Supra

Life-sized Toyota GR Supra made from Lego bricks.
1:1 life-sized Lego Toyota GR Supra | Lego Instagram

To help Toyota celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Supra, Lego built a life-sized 1:1 replica of a GR Supra. The model is made up of 477,303 Lego bricks. Even the passenger seat is made of Lego bricks. The driver’s seat, on the other hand, is taken directly from the real thing. The model also uses the same digital dashboard display as the real car.

Lego revealed a short video on their official Twitter page, which shows some more of the model’s details. There are working headlights, and the rims (which are real) house a set of brake calipers and discs made from Lego bricks.

Amazingly, this massive Lego Toyota GR Supra drives. There is an electric motor inside the model which can get the Lego Supra up to 17 mph. Not quite as fast as the real thing, but if this model goes any faster, pieces may start to fall off. Unfortunately, Lego will not be selling a consumer version of this giant Supra kit. Though, for the sake of my bank account, that is probably a good thing after all.



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