Lego Fiat 500
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Lego Brings the Classic Fiat 500 Back

While Hot Wheels may be the first choice for car enthusiast toys, Lego also has an impressive automotive catalog. The company’s produced Land Rover Defender, Volkswagen van, Ford F-150 Raptor, and Porsche 911 building kits. And now, there’s another icon joining the Lego family: the classic Fiat 500. While Fiat still makes a car called …

2019 Lego 4x4 Xtreme Off-Roader
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Live Your Wildest Dreams with These Lego Trucks

Hands up if you had one of those giant Lego blue brick cases with Legos inside as a kid. Kid or adult, Legos are awesome. Especially the company’s Technic line. These are complex building sets that feature things like working gearboxes and electric motors. Car enthusiasts can rejoice in owning a Bugatti Chiron, or turning …