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Volvo is a Swedish automaker known for its safe, luxurious vehicles. But that doesn’t always translate to sales. As with any other automaker, Volvo has some top performers but also some vehicles that don’t sell well. Here’s a look at the least popular and most popular Volvo models right now and why they’re failing or succeeding.

A silver 2023 Volvo XC60 compact luxury SUV, the most popular Volvo model
2023 Volvo XC60 | Volvo Car Corporation

The Swedish automaker recently reported sales figures, revealing a relatively close race among the top-selling vehicles.

So far this year, the XC60 midsize SUV is the best-selling Volvo model, moving 66,867 units.

However, sales data shows the XC40 is close behind. Volvo has sold about 63,769 units of the compact SUV to date.

The XC40 and XC60’s bigger sibling, the three-row XC90, lags further behind. It has sold 32,565 units.

Volvo shows figures for 11 models. After the XC90, sales drop significantly for the rest.

The S90 sedan has sold 14,049 units in 2023 so far, while the C40 electric crossover has sold only 12,183.

But those two are selling much better than the least popular Volvo model: the V90.

So far in 2023, Volvo has sold only 2,118 V90 and 2,264 V90 Cross Country wagons. Those numbers represent 28.9% and 13.6% year-over-year declines.  

Why is the Volvo XC60 a best-seller but the V90 isn’t?


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The Volvo XC60’s success isn’t surprising. It’s a midsize SUV, one of the most popular vehicle segments. The 2023 XC60 delivers an attractive balance of specs and features, providing plenty of value for the money. And the $45,000 starting MSRP is reasonable for a luxury SUV. Even though sticker prices aren’t as crucial to affluent car shoppers, the relatively affordable MSRP allows more households to get an XC60.

Meanwhile, the V90 is a wagon, and the V90 Cross Country is its rugged sibling. The latter starts at about $58,500. Volvo no longer offers the V90, instead focusing on the lifted Cross Country version. That explains why V90 sales are the lowest. Still, the Cross Country isn’t performing much better. But that’s not too shocking, given American car buyers’ habits and tastes.

Cars such as sedans and wagons have been losing ground to SUVs for a few years, and the V90 Cross Country’s hefty price tag doesn’t help. Many Volvo shoppers might choose an SUV like the XC60 over the V90 based on price alone. Though the V90 is relatively unique because of its body style, station wagons fell out of favor in America years ago.