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With how crazy used cars are today, it may be the best time to sell your car for the best profit. Whether you are looking to sell your daily driver or have a vehicle that you don’t drive often, it could be time to earn a few extra bucks. To ensure you can get the best value for your car, you want to make sure it is mechanically sound and clean. Give your car a deep clean inside and out, and watch the dollars add up!

A clean car equals more cash

When prospective buyers are looking at a used car, they want to make sure that it is in good shape. But, they will also take a long look at how the car looks. That’s why it’s more important than ever to give your car a deep and thorough clean. Get your paint looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Detailing your car at home can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Before starting, understand that it may not be possible to get your car looking perfect. But, the goal of this is to make it look as perfect as possible without spending too much money. Furthermore, determine how much time you want to spend cleaning your car to have a realistic expectation of the finished product.

You need a few tools to get started, but they won’t break the bank. As long as you don’t set your sights too high on what your car could look like, you could easily add some significant value to your vehicle.

Start by cleaning the wheels and exterior

a car wheel covered in thick soap foam, an essential part of cleaning your car for sale
Wheels Being Covered in Thick Soap | Andre Tan via Unsplash

One of the most important things to clean is your wheels. The wheels can reveal and hide a lot about your car, and having them clean is a great touch. Before looking at the paint, shoppers will often look at the wheels, and with clean wheels, your car can look even better! Use a soft brush on the face of the wheels, a long brush for the wheel barrels, and a stiffer brush to clean the tires.

Once you have your wheel cleaned, get ready to clean the rest of the exterior. Depending on your skill level, your final goal, and the time you are taking, there are a few things to do. First of all, make sure you have two buckets with grit guards, one with soap and one without soap. You will also want at least two wash mitts. If you have more knowledge and space, you will surely want to use a pressure washer and foam gun for ultimate lubrication. But, if you don’t have those, don’t worry. It won’t be worth the money for this process. Now, just wash and dry the car!

Time to finish off that exterior

a man covers his car in soap from a foam cannon to get it clean
A Man in a Black Jackets Uses a Foam Cannon on Car | Erik Mclean via Unsplash

Depending on the starting condition of your car, you may be done with the process, or you could still have a little work ahead of you! When looking to buy a used car, drivers often run a hand along with the paint. Most shoppers wouldn’t realize what they are looking for or feeling, but if you do this and it feels rough or makes a scratching sound, your paint has contaminants embedded. 

To eliminate the contamination, grab yourself a clay bar or a clay mitt, and spray down each area with a lubricant. Rub the clay in straight lines, and once it moves without resistance, move on to the next area. While this can seem like a tedious task, it can only take you 20-30 minutes, and the results are spectacular. Be sure to make sure the clay does not get too gunked up. 

Finally, if you clayed the entire exterior or didn’t, you will want to use a protectant on the paint. For most, a simple spray on wax or sealant will be sufficient. Either choice will add much-needed protection to your freshly washed paint. It will also give your car a deeper and more impressive shine. On the other hand, if you want to give it a bit more of a long-lasting finish, hand-applying a carnauba wax is a good option. Finally, you can do a multi-step correction with machines for the most impressive finish, but that won’t be worth the effort in many cases.

Get that interior looking great

a person gets ready to detail in the interior of their car with a spray bottle
A Gloved Hand Holding a Spray Bottle | Towfiqu Barbhuiya via Unsplash

While cleaning the car’s exterior is important, the interior is probably the most essential place to get clean. You want to get rid of that feeling that someone else has been driving the car for years. Vacuum and dust down all surfaces and wipe the high-traffic touch points with an interior-specific cleaner. You should also make sure you get rid of any odd smells so that there is even less of a reminder of this car being used.

If you take the time to clean, deodorize, and dress the car’s interior, prospective buyers will surely love what your used car can represent. Furthermore, with a clean interior that looks so good, it wouldn’t be surprising to see your car getting more attention from the online ads and possibly helping you get even more money.

AutoInfluence hammers home the point of focusing on what the buyer will see, so focusing on the cleanliness and the details can really benefit you in the end.

With a fresh and clean car, enjoy more profit

hands holding a bunch of cash, a clean car can get you more cash
Cash in Hand | Alexander Mils via Unsplash

The market for used vehicles is scorching right now, and because of that, it can be the perfect time to sell your car. You can quickly get a few thousand dollars more with a good wash and detail. This added cash can then be put toward a new car or something completely different. With just a little bit of work, you can enjoy a considerable profit!


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