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Sometimes looks are deceiving. Yes, this is a Chinese mini-truck EV like many you can order through sites like Alibaba. You see them used by building or campus maintenance workers, and at golf courses and hotels. And yes, this truck is a bit different as it has a laughable extra axle tagging along. But you won’t laugh once you find out that it has a payload capacity twice the weight a Ford F-150 can handle. 

How much can this 6-wheel mini truck carry?

Blue 2023 Keyu six-wheel mini truck side view
2023 Keyu six-wheel mini truck | Alibaba

Alibaba sells this neighborhood (NEV) or low-speed (LSV) EV as a heavy-duty offering, built by Keyu, and it means it. That extra axle spreads out the load, allowing for higher payload rates. So while an F-150 can haul around 1,800 to 2,000 lbs, the little mini-truck you see here can take on 2,000 kg, which equals 4,410 lbs. 

Keep in mind, we’re not talking about towing capacity. An F-150 kills on that score. There is a reason there is no towing hitch on the rear. 

Two electric motors drive the three-axle truck, each rated at 4kW. That’s enough to handle heavy loads and allow the truck to function in a limited setting. The top speed unladen is 45 km or 28 mph. As with most of its contemporaries, the limited speed is fairly standard. That’s why it has limited or non-existent street-legal status. 

What’s the price of this 6-wheel mini truck?

Blue 2023 Keyu six-wheel mini truck
2023 Keyu six-wheel mini truck | Alibaba

But you can’t beat the price, at only $4,200. But be forewarned, while the sticker price is low, getting it to and into the country is time-consuming and costly. You can figure the bottom line, once import duties, taxes, and shipping are added, will easily run three to four times the purchase price. So let’s say the price is more like around $16,000. 

For comparison, keep in mind that crappy golf carts go for around $7,000. Expensive ones can range from $12,000 to $15,000 or more. And at the end of the day, it is an open golf cart, not an enclosed 6×6 truck. Granted, it’s a small truck, but a truck with doors and creature comforts nonetheless. 

Do these have many options?

White 2023 Keyu six-wheel mini truck front 3/4 view
2023 Keyu six-wheel mini truck | Alibaba

When ordering one of the little haulers from Alibaba, be it a two- or three-axle setup, you can also include options like a hydraulic system for the dump bed and air-conditioning. And they come with features like electric windows, electric locking doors, and different lighting packages. 

A backup camera, high-power charger, windshield wiper and washer, and different bed racks and cargo racks are offered. Infotainment screens allow for Bluetooth hookups, or watching a movie while driving to a from sites. Shipping rates hover around $2,500 or more. On this end, customs can be $1,500 or more. 

So this isn’t for everyone. But it is an interesting take for those looking for a “cheap new truck.”