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In an exciting collaboration that marks their third partnership, Hyundai and Sony Pictures have again joined forces for the highly anticipated movie, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Building on their previous successful collaborations, this unique partnership aims to unite the captivating world of Spider-Man with Hyundai’s innovative vehicles, creating a memorable cinematic experience for audiences worldwide.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 seen in a scene from the new Spinder-Man movie.
The Ioniq 6 will make an appearance in an upcoming Spider-Man movie | Hyundai Media

Hyundai News tells us that in the new movie, which opens in cinemas worldwide starting in June, audiences will see the ‘Flying Prophecy,’ a version of the real-world concept car that inspired the design of IONIQ 6, the ‘Electrified Streamliner’. The same model that recently won three World Car of the Year honors and a ‘Gold’ iF Design Award.”

Previous collaborations that caught the eyes of viewers

This isn’t the first collaboration between Hyundai Motor and Sony Pictures. Previous movies included Spider-Man: No Way Home with the IONIQ 5 EV and Tucson SV and Uncharted, which featured the Tucson Beast concept SUV. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is the sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

What can car companies gain from the agreement?

There are many benefits that partnerships between car companies and entertainment industries can offer. The most important is brand exposure. By associating vehicles with popular movies or characters, Hyundai can gain significant brand exposure among the movie’s audience. This can help increase brand awareness and attract new customers, especially younger drivers.

Integrating a car into a movie can serve as a form of product placement, showcasing the vehicle’s design, features, and capabilities in an exciting and memorable way. If done correctly, it can generate positive associations with the brand and influence consumer preferences.

Partnerships between car companies and entertainment studios can involve various forms of cross-promotion. This may include joint marketing campaigns, special events, limited-edition merchandise, or collaborative digital content. These activities can create buzz and generate additional media coverage for both parties.

Since electric vehicles are gaining increasing attention, car companies often seek opportunities to showcase their EV technology and sustainability efforts. Appearing in the newest Spider-Man movie could provide a platform to highlight the car company’s commitment to clean energy and innovation.

Does this make sense for both sides?

For there side of the deal, entertainment companies like Sony get a little extra cash to help offset the cost of movie production. Having a certain type of car appear in a scene certainly seems like a small price to pay to help offset the multi-million dollar cost of creating a movie.

While partnerships between car companies and entertainment industries can offer benefits like those mentioned above, the success of these collaborations depends on various factors, including the target audience, brand alignment, and execution. Hyundai must consider the potential return on investment and ensure the partnership aligns with its brand image and objectives.

Ultimately, car companies must assess whether the partnership aligns with their marketing goals and if the associated costs justify the potential benefits of brand exposure and customer engagement. Overall, though, it can certainly be successful.


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