Jeep Launches Top Canine Search, Felines Lose Battle

The first-ever Jeep Top Canine search has begun. The manufacturer is encouraging Jeep enthusiasts to snap a pic of their dog and their Jeep and upload it to the designated spots online. The winning doggo will be used in Jeep marketing for a year. It seems like a great pairing of mankind’s best friend and a legendary offroading brand.

Two black dogs with a black background.
Jeep launched its Top Canine Search | FCA

The specifics about the contest

Jeep announced the launch of the contest Tuesday. So, entries are already being accepted. The contest will culminate with a winner being picked on National Dog Day. Here are the specifics from the press release.

  1. Fans can post pics of their pups with #JeepTopCanine hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, or upload on image to, until Monday, August 3
  2. Fans can also visit to view all the good boys and girls, with voting on eight chosen finalists from August 11-18
  3. #JeepTopCanine 2020 to be crowned on National Dog Day, Aug. 26
  4. Winning pup to be crowned Jeep brand’s top dog and will be featured in exclusive Jeep brand social media content for one year

The contest is open to, “Jeep owners, fans and followers.” The winning dog will be, “appearing in exclusive content for the next year, until National Dog Day 2021.” In essence, the dog will become part of the offroad brand’s legacy.

2020 Jeep Renegade off-roading through water
2020 Renegade | Jeep

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One of the most important restrictions on the contest is that submitted photo must be an original work that “cannot have been published previously by any party other than the entrant.” So, conceivably, if the picture has already been uploaded to social media or online somewhere, it will disqualify the dog. Keep that in mind.

No restriction on which Jeep branded product

There is no restriction on what type of Jeep product needs to be in the picture. So, the photograph can have a Wrangler, just as much as it can have a Grand Cherokee or an old Wagoneer. Also, the owner must be 18 year old or older. Dogs that are SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) members are not eligible. Further details are available at the contest’s website

2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon rear
2020 Wrangler Rubicon | Jeep

Jeep and dogs, not cats, go hand in hand

Jeeps and dogs go hand in hand. In 2019, Autotrader said of the Wrangler JL, “The removable top and doors allow your dog the ultimate ‘head out the window’ experience.” The publication is not alone. In fact, if one does a search online for, “dogs in Jeeps,” there are over 2 million pages of results. That is twice the results of a search for, “cats in Jeeps.”

People also love to write about their furry companions and their adventures. There are over 29 million pages of results for, “dogs in Jeeps blogs.” This shows that people love to take their canine companions with them just about everywhere they go. 


Don’t Drive With Your Dog Until You Know This Info

The battle between cats and dogs has been around longer than any of us have been alive. So, Jeep may have hit a home run with this promotion. People love to show off their pets and relate to each other’s pet stories. Since dogs already have a larger following online in relation to Jeeps, this promotional contest will probably serve the offroad brand well. And, in the end, the world will get to see a winning loveable pup blasted through social media. Expect cat lovers to respond.