A Jeep Cherokee Rescued A Stuck Chevy Silverado

In 2019, a Chevy Silverado was stuck on the side of a mountain. It continued to slide down off the path for a few months. A few rescue attempts were made, until a Jeep Cherokee decided it was time to save the day. 

A Jeep Cherokee rescues a Chevy Silverado

After receiving a call that a half-ton Chevy Silverado was stuck toward the top of Boulder Mountain, the team at Matt’s Off-Road Recovery set out to rescue it with a Jeep Cherokee. The Silverado owner had one tow truck, and four other recovery services refused to pull it out. 

Then the Forest Service started threatening the owner with fines if he couldn’t get it removed. Matt’s team was unfamiliar with the area, and everyone suggested that they wouldn’t be able to get the Silverado out due to the aggressive, steep angle it sat in. 

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The drive would take about three hours to get across the entire top of the ridge. On the way, they stopped for the Chevy Silverado’s keys that were left at an RV park. The man that handed them the keys wished them luck because he also thought the rescue would be impossible. Matt’s team also brought their camping gear, in case the recuse was a two-day event.

1997 Jeep Cherokee Police Group 4x4
1997 Jeep Cherokee Police Group 4×4 | Bring a Trailer

After gearing up and heading about 60 miles on a bumpy dirt road that seemed fine for pickups to handle, they found the Chevy Silverado hanging off the trail on its side at about a 45-degree angle. 

Jeep Cherokee problems 

They were taking a Jeep Cherokee to rescue the Chevy Silverado, but it needed a few trail fixes. Matt never tightened his 585 18 nuts, needed to replace a spacer, and was missing a bolt. They made it two miles before needing to tighten things up. It was loose in the back end, but the shocks weren’t correctly mounted anyways.

2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk
2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk | Jeep

After that, you can see how Matt bonuses a lot less in his Jeep Cherokee. The ride looks smoother, and he’s able to be more relaxed as the road deteriorates into almost nothing. A few shots of off-roading are included. 

The Chevy Silverado rescue 

They found the Chevy Silverado, which looked like it could roll down the mountainside pretty easily, and decided to pull the back end out first to avoid it from sliding down more. They had the front hooked to one truck and a tree to prevent it from slipping. 

Chevy Silverado Jackal Stage 2 parked near building
Chevy Silverado Jackal Stage 2 | PaxPower

The winch was attached to the front of the Jeep Cherokee, and Paul had the anchor, so once the wenching process started, he wouldn’t wench himself down the hill. With the cables and chains, the Chevy Silverado was easy to pull out. 

What felt most risky was Matt backing his Jeep Cherokee down the trail to get in a good potion to pull the Chevy out. After the Chevy Silverado was back on the road, it had to be jumped to start up.

2020 Jeep Cherokee off-roading in mud
2020 Jeep Cherokee | Jeep

Luckily, it had enough gas to make it back to the shop. The photos made the job look a lot worse than it was, and there was no mention of how the Chevy Silverado got stuck in the first place.