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People can’t seem to get enough of Ford‘s new smallest pickup, the compact Maverick. The automaker has already had to close reservations several times to catch up with demand. But while car and SUV cross-shoppers are enamored with the four-door, 40 mpg, $20k pickup, some traditional truck buyers are skeptical of its capabilities. For example: is the Ford Maverick truck’s bed close to the size of a piece of plywood? The truth is that this bed is only 4.5-feet long. But Ford engineers developed an ingenious way for this multi-use bed to carry a stack of plywood.

How long is the bed in a Ford Maverick?

The Ford Maverick’s bed is 4.5 feet long. It is also 30 inches tall, so its total volume is 33.3 cubic feet. Because of the bed’s power outlets and slots for DIY shelving, Ford brands it as the “Flexbed.”

A gray Ford Maverick compact truck with a motorcycle in its bed, parked in a dirt lot with mountains visible in the background.
2023 Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford

The compact Ford Maverick’s truck bed is almost a perfect square. It is 53.3 inches wide and 54.4 inches long. The Maverick’s wheel wells do protrude into this bed and are 42.6 inches apart. If you order your Ford Maverick with the 2.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine, it offers an impressive 1,500 pound towing capacity. This is more than certain F-150 configurations.

Can the Ford Maverick compact truck haul plywood?

The Ford Maverick’s “Flexbed” is engineered to haul a stack of plywood sheets. The top of its wheel wells are flat, and with its tailgate set to a medium position, you can bridge a piece of plywood across the three points.

Red Ford Maverick compact truck loaded with a stack of plywood sheets, parked in front of a house.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The Ford Maverick’s bed is not large enough for you to load a stack of plywood sheets on the bed floor. Unlike the Honda Ridgeline and Rivian R1T, Ford chose to have no under-bed trunk, but instead had the deepest possible bed for the most possible storage space. Therefore, the bed floor is below the wheel wells. Ford’s compromise for wide flat loads was flat wheel well tops.

A Ford Maverick configured for max payload capacity can haul 1500 pounds. A standard sheet of plywood weighs 60 pounds, so a Maverick could conceivably haul a stack of 25 sheets before it was overweight. But with the added weight of the driver and other gear, it would be wise to take two trips.

What is the Ford Maverick ‘Flexbed’ for?

Ford engineered the Ford Maverick’s “Flexbed” to have as many uses as possible. To this end it has pockets to hold DIY 2×4 and 2×6 shelving, multiple tailgate positions, and tie-down points. In addition, you can order a Maverick with in-bed power outlets.

Ford Maverick pickup truck showing its Flexbed capabilities with pieces of lumber cut to be bed dividers.
2022 Ford Maverick bed dividers | Ford

Though the Ford Maverick’s bed isn’t the biggest around, you can adapt it to many uses. Ford’s tie-down points will even take standard nuts and bolts. This means you could attach your own brackets to your Maverick bed. You can set 2×6 dividers into your bed. You could even build a multi-level bed with 2×4 shelves.

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