Is the 2021 Tesla Model 3 Refresh Just to Save on Manufacturer Costs?

Tesla is making new changes to the Model 3, and while critics are impressed, they feel that the changes should have already been there. Still, it’s better late than never. YouTuber Ben Sullins has all the juicy new details about what’s refreshed in the Tesla Model 3 and where the automaker got its inspiration from.

What’s new in the Tesla Model 3?

The first major change that Stiller points out is the chrome trim around the Tesla Model 3’s windows. They’re gone now in favor of solid black trim. It gives the Model 3 a more modern look. The wheels have also been updated. They’re bigger, and the vehicle now has black rims as opposed to silver.

While some consumers may not consider this a major update, the changes to the range will get their attention. Previous Model 3s got a range of 322 miles. That’s incredible, but 353 miles is even better.

The speed is also superior but not by much. It can now go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. This won’t make that much of a difference unless you’re planning on racing in your Model 3.

The interior got a few updates as well. It now has a wireless charging pad, which makes charging multiple devices easier than ever. The addition of the power trunk is another very welcome addition.

The price has not increased, thankfully. It still starts at $37,990 for the standard range plus, $46,990 for the Long Range, and $54,990 for the Performance trim.

The same parts of the Tesla Model Y

Tesla didn’t just create these parts from thin air. Well, not this time, at least. Many of the new parts are from the Model Y.

The most obvious piece taken from the Model Y is the Uberturbine wheels. This makes them bigger than previous Model 3 wheels.

Given the popularity of the Model Y, it only makes sense to tap into some aspects that consumers love so much. It does seem a little strange that Tesla is borrowing parts from the Model Y to refresh the Model 3 after Car and Driver referred to the Y as a ‘bloated’ Model 3, however. Still, if it works, it works.

Tesla is saving money

Many are wondering why Tesla is refreshing the Model 3 now, especially with parts from the Model Y, but Tesla never gave an explanation. Some consumers are now wondering if it’s all about saving money.

By using parts that can be applied to two different cars, it will “streamline the process,” according to Sullins. It makes sense. For anyone who’s tried to buy parts for a luxury car, they know how stressful that can be. Now Tesla mechanics can order the same part for two different vehicles, which will alleviate stress even if it doesn’t save money.

All the parts won’t be the same, of course. The Model Y is bigger than the Model 3, so not all the parts can be applied to both vehicles. That being said, using the same materials to build these parts will save on manufacturing costs.

Is the Model 3 still a good buy?


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With all the changes being made, some may wonder if it’s still a good buy. The Tesla Model 3 is known more for its minimalism. Or it was in the past, anyway. Many of the parts give it a more modern look, which some consumers may not appreciate.

According to Sullins, it’s definitely a great buy. It costs slightly more than a Honda Accord to own over a three-year period, and the tech is hard to beat. When you add in the money you’ll save at the pumps and the incredible range it gets, the Model 3 might just be better than ever.