Wish Your Tesla Model 3 Had a Longer Range? It Could Happen Soon

Many Tesla owners, including those who have the Tesla Model 3, love the fuel economy and range of their vehicles. While the Tesla Model 3 has great fuel economy and range, drivers are always looking for improvements.

Electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla are making improvements to their vehicle’s driving range. Recently, Tesla has increased the range of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Now Car and Driver is reporting that Tesla will release a longer-range Tesla Model 3 in China.    

How much range has the EV automaker added to their Model 3 in China? And when will this new version come to the United States? 

What is the Tesla Model 3’s fuel economy and range?

Like many electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 has a great fuel economy and driving range. At fueleconomy.gov, the federal government’s website that gives fuel economy information, it says that the standard range version of the Tesla Model 3 gets a 131 miles per gallon equivalent

According to Tesla’s website, both the Performance and Long Range versions of the Tesla Model 3 have a range of up to 332 miles per single charge. The Standard version gets 250 miles per single charge.  

Tesla is working on a Model 3 with a longer range


While having a range of 250 to 332 miles per charge is enough for many drivers, it can be improved. For people who drive long distances or who don’t have time to wait for a full recharge, a higher range is better. Because charging stations aren’t as common as gas stations, Tesla drivers need to plan where and when they will charge their vehicles.

In addition, it takes 15 minutes to charge a Tesla up to 172 miles. While these are good numbers, they can affect when a driver can charge their vehicle. By increasing their vehicle’s range, Tesla can make their vehicles more attractive for buyers who are concerned about when they can charge their car.  

Tesla is getting ready to introduce a longer-range version of the Model 3 in China. China’s mileage rating system says this version will offer a 404-mile driving range. When converted to the United States’ mileage rating system, that comes out to 355 to 365 miles per charge.  

These vehicles are being built in Tesla’s Shanghai factory, which resumed production on February 10. Since reopening, the factory has been producing around 3,000 vehicles a month. There hasn’t been an announcement when these vehicles will be released in China.

Other Tesla models with longer range


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Recently, Tesla has released long-range versions of two of its other vehicles. Both the Tesla Model S and the Model X have been released in a Long Range Plus version. Car and Driver reported that the Long Range Plus versions of these vehicles are now the base versions of each of these models. Tesla’s website says the Model S now has a range of 391 miles per charge, and the Model X now has a range of 351 miles per charge.

If the automaker makes similar changes for the Tesla Model 3, the base model will add 100 additional miles to its range. 

When will we see it?

Right now, there is no release date for a longer-range Tesla Model 3. It’s unknown if the model is ready for production in the United States. In addition, due to California’s current COVID-19 stay at home order, the Tesla plant in Fremont, California is closed indefinitely. While there is no release date, it seems like a matter of time before a longer-range Tesla Model 3 is released in the United States.