Is The 2020 Ford F-250 Worth The Upgrade?

The Ford F-150 is one of the best selling vehicles in America. Not just among pickup trucks, either, it is just one of the most popular methods of transportation. It’s easy to see why people like it: Ford is iconically American, it’s practical, it’s affordable, and the newest generation has a handful of trim levels to suit any taste. With how popular the F-150 is, you might be surprised to hear that the F-250 is less popular, even though it’s more truck for what it is. With the difference in price, is it worth getting the Ford F-250 instead?

What’s in a name?

It goes without saying that the Ford F-250 is bigger than the F-150. The model naming by the company is very useful in deciphering vehicle sized quickly and efficiently, even if you aren’t a car enthusiast. While the two pickup trucks aren’t that off in size, they are technically classified as two different types of trucks. On the one hand, the F-150 is categorized as a light-duty pickup truck at just a half-ton. The three-quarter-ton F-250, however, is considered a heavy-duty truck, or as Ford likes to call it, a super-duty.

Red 2020 Ford F-250 pulling RV
2020 Ford F-250 | Ford

Fewer options for the Ford F-250

The Ford F-250 has all-around fewer trim levels and options than the more popular F-150. Starting with cosmetics and packages, there isn’t quite as wide of an array for the F-250 series of trucks. On top of that, there are fewer drivetrain options compared to the many engine and transmission choices of the F-150. But, as you might expect from the classifications, the F-250 is a heavier-duty truck, so it doesn’t need to offer the smaller, more fuel-friendly options that it’s smaller companion does.

A Ford F-250 Tremor on a jobsite
2020 Ford F-250 Tremor | Ford

It depends on the driver

The choice between the two and whether the Ford F-250 is worth the upgrade from the well-loved F-150 depends on the driver. The F-150 is an excellent option for towing your average cargo capacity, usually up to as much as 8,000 pounds. If you need something a little hardier, the F-250 has a much higher-rated towing capacity, as much as 15,000 — almost double that of the smaller pickup. Then, of course, you might prefer the feeling of a more massive truck even if you don’t have the need for additional towing capacity.

2019 Ford F-250 Baja 1000 tailgate and bed
Ford F-250 Baja 1000 tailgate and bed | Long McArthur Ford

I Bet You Didn’t Think The Ford F-150 Got Cooler, But It Does

Like the F-150, the Ford F-250 is an excellent option for a pickup truck. It has all of the things that many owners love about the smaller pickup with the added benefit of size and towing capacity. With some of the trim levels of the F-150 creeping into the price range of the F-250, it is genuinely up to owner preference if it is worth the upgrade.