Are Your Tires Made in America?

Tires are used all over the world, for every type of car, motorcycle, industrial vehicle — really, the uses are seemingly endless. It makes sense that, like so many other products, the United States isn’t the only country that produces tires. With so many brands of tires that are shipped all over the world, you can never know exactly where you are getting your tires from unless the brand you are buying only manufacturers tires in one country. Chances are, your tires weren’t made in America anyway.

It doesn’t really matter where your tires are made

Buying brand name tires isn’t on everyone’s to-do list, and depending on the brand, buying new tires can get pretty pricey. If you are conscious about where you buy your products, you might be curious to know where exactly your new tires were made. While there isn’t a lot of certainties when it comes to tires — after all, they aren’t serialized — certain brands produce tires in different countries. So which ones are made where?

Buying used car tires
Pile of tires | Liam McBurney/PA Images via Getty Images

Buying new car tires

Car tires are the one cost that everyone seems to hate paying — myself included. For the average passenger car or even SUV, regular tires typically get us by. For sports cars and exotic, wider tires with more tread generally are needed. The world of tires is a lot more complicated than people realize, with different types of tires, and even directional tires.

Going between different brands and types of tires can be a headache, so adding the additional stress of trying to figure out where each tire comes from can be exhausting. If there is no difference in quality, the only difference is in our perception.

Stacks of old, used tires
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Probably not made in America

According to Consumer Reports, unless you take a moral stance on where your products are manufactured, there is no difference in origin. Tires created in the United States are held up to the same quality standards as they are when the tires are made in other countries. The only difference in quality happens to be when you are comparing different tire types or even different brands. You can rest assured that tires made in America aren’t any better or worse than tires made in other countries.

In fact, there is no noticeable difference in tires that aren’t made here. You’d be surprised to find out that chances are, whatever tires you currently have were more than likely made in another country. While some manufacturers are pushing to produce tires in the US, many tires are still being brought in from other countries.

All season tires
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Many tire manufacturers are pushing to increase production in the United States. That means creating more facilities and even more jobs for workers, which can be helpful to the economy as well as even reduce the prices of tires. If the tires no longer need to be transported across the ocean, this could cut down on costs and benefit the consumer as well. Regardless of where your tires are made, you can take comfort in knowing that