Is Buying an RV Security System Worth It?

Recreational vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and many people are buying their first RV. As with all things, there are some pitfalls that new owners might run into with their camper. One such issue is security.

Here’s a look at why buying an RV security system could be worth the money.

Is a security system necessary on an RV?

Though there may be some differences between the many RV makes and models, most campers have a simple security system installed. Like a passenger car, they have an alarm that goes off if someone tries to break into the RV when it’s locked. But other than that, like regular cars, new recreational vehicles usually don’t come with anything beyond the standard system. 

However, unlike passenger cars, RVs are homes on wheels. Many folks carry valuable items in their campers, making an unoccupied one a good target for thieves. Plus, many people sleep in their RVs, and they can be targeted too.

And, of course, most folks park their campers somewhere during the off-season. Depending on the location, the vehicle could also be targeted during this time. That’s why it might be a wise idea to install a security system on an RV.

The many security systems available for RVs


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According to Camper Report, there are many types of RV security systems. Some of them might seem generic, while others are made for campers. Some systems are also simple to install, while others will require professional installation. 

For example, one of the simpler systems is a camera that comes with a motion detector. Security systems like that are easy to set up and relatively cheap, costing around $200 per camera. That being said, compared to other security options, these cameras don’t offer anything special. 

The more expensive options generally come with more features. For instance, more advanced security systems might offer a panic alarm or glass-break sensors on top of multiple cameras and motion detectors. Prices for these systems vary, but according to Camper Report, many cost around $700.

Are they worth the money?

Generally, RV security systems are worth the expense. The cheapest options are simple, but they can provide peace of mind for as little as $200. Plus, campers are expensive, so spending a few hundred dollars on protection is a relatively small investment.

That said, more advanced systems with additional sensors can be useful in the off-season. Advanced security systems with features such as smoke detectors and water sensors can alert owners to potential maintenance issues. That way, owners can fix those issues before they get any worse.