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RVs and similar vehicles have become very popular lately, but like any other car, these vehicles are not perfect. Indeed, the RV life can be a tough life, and many new RV owners can and will make some big mistakes with their RV. Here’s a look at some of the most common complaints in regard to owning an RV.

Actually driving an RV is harder than most people think

Like RV Guide mentioned, one of the many things that RV owners complain about at first is actually driving around their RV in the first place. Obviously, there are many varieties of RVs and campers, and they’ll all drive and handle differently.

However, most RVs have something in common, and that’s the fact that they’re huge, and as a result, they won’t be the easiest to handle, especially in traffic.

Eventually of course, RV owners will get used to driving in their RV, but still, traffic will be a pain as RVs are not the fastest or the most agile cars on the road.

Not driving your RV at all

Another common complaint that RV owners have usually has to do with the offseason. Sure, some folks can and do live and travel in their RV full-time, but most RV owners will only use their RVs once in a while.

This downtime can be annoying for some RV owners since they feel like they’re making the most out of their big purchase, but it’s an issue for other reasons, too. 

For example, like RV Guide said, when you’re not using your RV, you will need to store your RV. For most owners, that usually means getting a space large enough to fit an RV in the first place, and that usually means more money.

On top of that, depending on where that RV owner lives, they will probably have to make sure that their RV isn’t getting damaged by the environment. 

Camping isn’t perfect

Obviously, since an RV is a home on wheels, there’s nothing stopping RV owners from taking their RV to almost anywhere in the world. That being said, like RV Guide wrote, generally speaking, most RV owners will end up taking their RV to a campground, and for most RV owners, those campgrounds will almost definitely be busy. 

For folks who want to get away from civilization for a weekend, this can be annoying. However, even if a RV owner takes their RV to the wilderness, they’ll still have to contend with the great outdoors.

As RV Guide said, this means that, among other things, if the weather goes south, RV owners and their families will have to hunker down in their RV, and this may not be a very relaxing experience either. 

Cleanup is necessary and dirty

While it is technically possible to never clean one’s RV, like RV Guide said, most RV owners will have the common sense to clean their RV after a trip, and this cleanup process can be a very dirty job.

Everything will have to be washed down, and the whole place will have to be swept clean. Otherwise, rats and other critters may end up living in your RV while you’re not using it. 

And of course, the toilets need to be emptied, and that’s not going to be fun for anyone involved.

Don’t let these complaints fool you though

But at the end of the day, these issues are just the cost of doing business. Every vehicle has its pros and cons, and RVs and campers are no different.

RV owners ultimately see their RV as a means to an end, and that’s the freedom to explore nature. So, if that’s what you want from your RV, then you’ll just have to make your peace with the issues that come with it. 


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