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When it comes to luxury and performance the Genesis G70 has been trying to carve out its own spot in the market. Each new model brings just enough improvements to garner more attention from consumers. Now that it has an exceptional interior as well as exterior, people think this model is pretty cool. 

An editor at Car and Driver reports that the new 2022 model has even better interior features to offer. So much so, that you’ll probably have to fight off others to get into the driver’s seat. 

What makes the interior of the Genesis G70 so driver-focused this year?

The first thing you’ll notice when you step into the Genesis G70 this year is the angled gauges and controls. Each one now turns toward the driver, so you can easily gather information or control what you need to without overreaching yourself to access it. 

An editor at Car and Driver described it as if, “someone tipped the car on its side, and all the controls slid slightly to the left.” This even includes the 10.3-inch touchscreen as well as the instrument cluster that houses the speedometer, tachometer, and gas gauge. 

In the middle, right in the driver’s line of sight, are the driving modes that you can easily switch back and forth, depending on what you need for the occasion.  

Are there any improvements in performance?

The Genesis G70 didn’t make any changes with the powertrain options going into the new year. Its 2.0-liter four-cylinder remains standard on the base model and the optional 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 didn’t go anywhere either. 

While there aren’t any improvements with the new model, its performance is still as quick as ever producing 252 hp with the four-cylinder and 365 hp with the V6 motor. Adding the available sport exhaust, you can gain an extra 3 hp. You still get a rear-wheel-drive standard, and AWD continues to be available. The biggest drawback is losing the manual transmission. 

MotorTrend’s editor remarked that the G70 continued to be engaging on the road and remained entertaining to drive, especially in their test model. The version they used was the all-wheel-drive 3.3-liter turbocharged model. Using the Sport+ driving mode, the G70 handled mountain roads with ease. Fuel economy in the publication’s test turned out to be 17-21 mpg on city roads and 25-31 mpg on the highway. 

What makes the Genesis G70 a good buy?

Most of the changes that came with this redesign were in the exterior styling and the interior cabin. The Genesis G70 now offers a larger grille, which looks a lot like a shield, and different styled horizontal headlights. You also get a newer front fender design and functional vents behind the front wheels. 

The 2022 model’s pricing begins with the 2.0-liter RWD, which comes in at $38,570 and $40,670 for the all-wheel drivetrain. If you upgrade to a model with the 3.3-liter V6 engine, you can expect to pay $43,145 for the RWD model, and $45,245 for the AWD version. 

With these prices, you get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. A wireless charger now sits horizontally, so it can accommodate more shapes and sizes of smartphones out there. While the front seats are ultra-comfortable, the rear ones remain as uncomfortable as they were in the previous model. Trunk space isn’t all that much to write home about, though, offering only 11 cubic feet of space. 

The Genesis G70 redesign for the 2022 model promises to bring an interior that focuses on the driver, not so much the rear seat passengers. While no change came in the performance department, it still offers a good amount of zippiness to the motor. 

If you’re a driver, you have plenty to look forward to when you get behind the wheel of the new 2022 Genesis G70.

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