Illegally Parked Mercedes Gets Covered in Poop

During the Back-to-the-Future movie series, there is a scene where Biff rams his car into a manure truck. The collision triggers the back of the truck to unload its stinky product into Biff’s convertible. That was the movies right? That does not happen in real life, does it? Don’t be so sure. A video has surfaced of a Mercedes meeting the same result as Biff’s car. 

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS
2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS | Mercedes-Benz

Packed beaches and pools

As the global COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have begun to be removed regionally, there are some Summer spots that have opened back up. The beaches, for example, in some communities, are open again. Judging by what’s been on the news the last few days, people that have been social distancing for months now, have forgotten what it means to socially distance and have instead crowded many beaches and community pools. When crowding happens, parking gets harder to come by.

Socially distance at the beach

In the video that surfaced today over on Twitter, a Mercedes sedan was illegally parked on a farm road near the beach. Apparently, the Mercedes driver was desperate enough to find a spot, any spot, to park the family vehicle and get to the beach. So, the driver threw normal conventions out the window and parked where nobody else in the video was parking, on a private farm road. The occupant then presumably went on to the nearby beach.

2020 Mercedes C 300 Cabriolet
2020 Mercedes C 300 Cabriolet | Mercedes-Benz

This is where the story of the Mercedes goes foul. The farmer of the property was actively spreading slurry on the property at the time the Mercedes was abandoned. Slurry is fertilizer made from waste products. Yup, poop. Can you tell where the rest of this story is going?

Anyway, the farmer was minding his business spreading slurry and came across the illegally parked Mercedes sedan in the way of his work. At this point, he could stop his work, or try to locate the owner somewhere on the beach, or call a towing service, or tow the Mercedes with his tractor somehow, or ignore the vehicle and continue to do his work. 

2020 Mercedes G-Class
2020 Mercedes G-Class | Mercedes

I know, let’s record this

The farmer in our story decided to whip out his phone and record himself continuing to do his work of taking care of his property. Needless to say, the slurry covered the vehicle. This was Biff’s story retold with a Mercedes, except that Biff was not actually in the vehicle this time around. 

There is no account that I can find of what happened next between the farmer and the owner of the Mercedes sedan. I am pretty certain the vehicle’s owner was quite surprised by the stinky mess. But, it could have been worse. At least the windows were rolled up on the vehicle at the time the slurry was sprayed on it.

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The Mercedes owner broke the law and paid the consequences. But, at least it was the cheap version of consequences. Getting a vehicle towed is pricey. Finding your vehicle sprayed with poop can be remedied with a few car washes and a can of air freshener. So, the farmer’s manure pass was a somewhat merciful choice, even if it was shameful that he recorded himself doing it.