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Most of the driving laws across the country are straightforward. We know not to go over the speed limit with a car or blow through a red light, even though some people don’t abide by these regulations. Conversely, there are some obscure traffic laws for weird things. And one of the strangest is how it’s illegal to drive with a blindfold in the southern state of Alabama.

It’s against the law to drive with a blindfold in Alabama

Man in a car with a blindfold, showing how it’s illegal to drive with one in the state of Alabama
Driver with a blindfold | Mighty Car Mods via YouTube

Alabama has the peculiar distinction of having a law on the books that makes it illegal to drive with a blindfold. It’s obviously something people know is dangerous — and it’s not as if there is a rash of drivers cruising around with blindfolds. Nonetheless, Alabama has this restriction enshrined in law: It’s a crime to strap a blindfold on while you’re behind the wheel.

The regulation is part of a broader law meant to ensure that drivers follow visibility requirements. Whether it’s a blindfold, a passenger, or another object, nothing can obstruct your view while driving. 

The blindfold regulation isn’t the only odd driving law in Alabama. There’s another one that requires you to attach a lantern to the front of your car if you drive in the wrong direction on a one-way street. Perhaps this law dates back to the days of horse and buggies, and the legislators haven’t gotten around to removing it from the books. 

Are you a juggler? You can’t juggle while driving in Alabama. Save it for when you’re on solid and stable ground. 

California also has some weird driving laws: Not jumping out of a car and wearing a bathrobe

Woman hanging out of vehicle window, showing how it’s illegal to jump from car in Glendale, California at 65 mph
Passenger hanging out a car window | Averie Woodard via Unsplash

Alabama isn’t the only state with some strange driving laws. California has some odd ones, too, as detailed by CarThrottle. In Glendale, it’s illegal to jump out of a car that’s moving at 65 mph or higher. At 64 mph and below? Apparently, it’s fine. 

Another California regulation states that it’s illegal to drive with a bathrobe. Also, there’s a law that forbids shooting animals from a moving car — unless it’s a whale. Additionally, in Eureka, you’re not allowed to use the road as a bed, just in case someone found one to be an inviting and comfortable place to sleep. 

Additionally, in Arcadia, peacocks have the right of way. Whether it’s a street or a driveway, drivers must stop and let the colorful birds pass. Plus, in Chico, you can’t plant rutabagas in the road. Furthermore, it’s forbidden to drive naked in San Francisco.

Other strange driving laws in America

The peculiar driving laws extend to other states throughout the country, per Car and Driver. Here are some of the strangest ones:

  • Nevada: You can’t ride a camel on the highway.
  • Texas: You can’t partake in a rodeo while driving a car. 
  • South Carolina: In Hilton Head, drivers are not allowed to store trash in a vehicle.
  • Oregon: You’re forbidden to leave your car door open for too long. 
  • New Jersey: No vanity license plate if you had a DUI within the past 10 years
  • Minnesota: In Minnetonka, driving with tires or wheel wells clogged with dirt that sheds onto the road is forbidden.
  • Illinois: It’s against the law to drive a car without a steering wheel.
  • Utah: Honking is not allowed unless it’s an emergency. Also, in Little Rock, Arkansas, it’s illegal to honk after 9:00 p.m. — near beverage stands and sandwich shops.
  • Delaware: No R-rated films at drive-in theaters
  • Arizona: No driving in reverse on a public road
  • Maryland: In Rockville, you can’t swear at someone while driving through the city.

Whether it’s driving while blindfolded and juggling in Alabama or sleeping on the road and wearing a bathrobe in a car in California, there are many weird driving laws that are undoubtedly surprising to many people.