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There are seemingly endless ways that auto enthusiasts customize their cars. Sometimes, people go to extreme lengths with their modifications, such as this upside-down Chevrolet pickup truck. The video of the Chevy truck broke the internet and set it ablaze — with it going viral on Twitter. 

Twitter video of upside-down Chevrolet pickup truck driving on a street

Front angle view of upside-down Chevy pickup truck in video that’s gone viral on Twitter
Upside-down Chevy pickup truck | Lance (@BornAKang) via Twitter video

The video of the upside-down Chevy pickup truck was posted by a Twitter user with the name Lance (@BornAKang) the day after Christmas, on December 26, 2022. It quickly went viral, with over 7.9 million views on Twitter. 

The video is short — only a seven-second clip, but it packs a great deal of wonderment — and confusion in a short time span. It features an old blue and white Chevy pickup truck, flipped upside-down, cruising along a city street on a bright sunny day. The custom truck casually approaches an intersection, makes a graceful turn — and then rumbles onto another street.

While it’s difficult to know for sure, the vehicle in the video appears to be a fourth-generation Chevrolet C/K pickup truck, which was sold from 1988-2002. The C/K, also known as the GMT400, was the predecessor of the highly-popular Chevy Silverado full-size truck.

Optical illusion truck looks like a boat — or a SpongeBob car

Rear angle view of upside-down Chevy pickup truck in video that’s gone viral on Twitter
Upside-down Chevy pickup truck | Lance (@BornAKang) via Twitter video

It’s a strange sight to see the upside-down Chevy truck cruising along the street. It almost looks like a boat, with the large “hull” for the body and an open-air convertible layout. Also, furthering the aquatic aspect, the Twitter user that posted the video called the truck a SpongeBob car. Also, other Twitter users made the SpongeBob connection, including references to “Mrs. Puff” and “Bikini Bottom.”

However, the upside-down appearance of the truck is an optical illusion. The outer body is flipped upside-down, with the roof nearly touching the ground. Also, there’s an additional set of wheels facing the sky. However, the cabin and mechanical components remain in their normal upright position. The end result is an inverted appearance, as the driver nonchalantly cruises along the street — as if it’s normal to him. 

Twitter user reactions to inverted Chevy truck

There’s an interesting element about the viral aspect of the upside-down Chevy pickup truck video. So much of the buzz around it is in India. Multiple news outlets in India covered the video, such as the Indian Express. While it’s unknown where the video was shot, it appears to be in the United States. One Twitter user thought it might be in Ohio, while another said Oregon — but none of this is confirmed.

Also, many Twitter users had interesting reactions to the video of the inverted truck. Some expressed confusion and bewilderment:

  • “What am I even looking at?”
  • “Imagine pulling up to a red carpet event in that.”
  • “I’m genuinely confused.”
  • “The Stanger-Thingsmobile.”
  • “The perfect car for this inverted world.”
  • “It’s all good until it’s time to go over a speed bump.”
  • “He stole Mrs. Puff’s boat.”
  • “Bro got his license from bikini bottom.”
  • “What’s crazy is this man said you know what when I retire I’m going to take all my 401k and create an upside-down car.”

Upside-down Ford F-150 in Illinois

While the upside-down Chevy pickup truck in the Twitter video is very unusual, it’s not the first time that someone has created a driveable inverted vehicle. Rick Sullivan, an auto mechanic in Clinton, Illinois, created an upside-down Ford truck in 2014. He used the body of a 1995 Ford F-150 and the components of a 1991 Ford Ranger. 

Also, there have been multiple instances of backward-facing pickup trucks. This involves switching around the steering components and seats in the cabin — and placing the engine in the pickup bed area.

Do you have any unique customization ideas for this upside-down world?