Iconic Mercedes G-Class Reminds Customers of Its Performance Envelope

Boxy, rugged, and legendary. Those are the words often used to describe the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It is an off-roader whose familiar face is unmistakable for anything else. That has been the case now for generations. However, in the years since its introduction, the vehicle has moved decidedly upscale. But Mercedes-Benz does not want new owners to forget that the iconic G-Class can still handle very much like an off-road performance beast, as well as a capable highway vehicle. So, a new commercial aims to instill the all-terrain abilities with its customers, albeit in a very humorous way.

You can’t just pick up the keys to the G-Class

2020 Mercedes-Benz G-Class
2020 Mercedes G-Class | Mercedes

Over on the Mercedes-Benz Youtube channel, a video was recently uploaded that begins a gentleman arriving to pick up his new G-Class. This should be a glorious day for him. The anticipation can clearly be seen on his face. But, before he can pick up his new ride, some challenges present themselves. The video description gives a clue of what is about to happen. That would be, G-Class training. 

“Rob has come to pick up his new Mercedes-Benz G-Class. But he is about to learn that it isn’t just another car.”

It is a glorious day

Not wanting to spoil anything for viewers that have not seen the video yet, a link to the commercial has been posted below. Needless to say, it is humorous and cringeworthy at the same time. It is broken into four segments, A Glorious Day, Fun, Your Mutter, and the reveal. Watch it to the end. 

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The video is funny. But, it makes a good point. The G-Class has been upscale so long that people have forgotten that it is one of the best on a desert safari and on a jungle trail. The SUV is not just a pavement queen. For those that are not aware. The G-Class had its origin as a military vehicle that eventually was released for the general public. So, it is plenty capable of handling different terrain as well as having genteel road manners. 

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Car and Driver says, “The legendary G-wagen is a rugged and sophisticated SUV for the rich and famous” and, “certified status symbol, surprisingly refined on-road, unsurprisingly capable off-road.” But, they were a bit critical also. They said, “Boxy shape causes wind noise, not keen on cornering, unobtainable for most.”

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The unobtainable comment is related to the price point of the G-Class, not its rarity. The unit tested by Car and Driver was $131,895. That’s places the SUV beyond the reach of many. One of these elegant vehicles is enough to cover the purchase of a more obtainable Ford Expedition, a Ford Bronco, and a Ford Mustang. That is pretty significant. But, then again, the Mercedes appeals to a different customer. 

Not just a pretty face

Overall, the G-Class is undisputedly a capable off-roader and grocery-getter. It is not just a pretty face. The humorous commercial aims to remind people of that. Behind the high luster paint and technological goodies, the SUV platform can handle most anything that comes its way. The video achieves in delivering the message that the broad reach of G-Class’s performance envelope on and off the tarmac will be sure to suffice. Thankfully, viewers get to chuckle at the delivery along the way.