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Globally, Honda is one of the most famous producers of cars and motorcycles. It was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1946, but the company’s leadership has changed a few times since the owner’s passing. The President and CEO position now belongs to Toshihiro Mibe. How much do you make as one of the leaders of a world-renowned automaker?

Toshihiro Mibe’s estimated salary

According to ListOfCEO, Toshihiro Mibe earns anywhere between $2-$5 million dollars each year. As a CEO, Mibe oversees all of Honda’s business activity on both a long-term and day-to-day basis, ensuring that that the company is moving in the right direction. He is also responsible for managing all of Honda’s supplier and customer relations.

With an estimated net worth between $43-$48 billion, it’s clear that Honda is running efficiently under Mibe’s leadership. Mibe’s net worth is relatively lower, somewhere around $10-$20 million. 

Who is Toshihiro Mibe?

Toshihiro Mibe hails from Japan and is currently 61 years old. He firmly believes that anyone has the potential to revolutionize their chosen industry, which is probably why he has been so successful at Honda.   

To be a CEO, one usually has to have extensive knowledge about a company’s general practices and priorities. Mibe has been with Honda since 1987, when he first joined the company as an automobile research specialist. Honda says that Mibe was one of the people directly responsible for developing many of the company’s engines. He also played a big part in Honda’s partnership with GM over the development of EV technology.

Mibe continued to climb up the research and development ladder over the years until he was named managing officer in 2012. Honda gave him the title of operating officer and executive of multiple powertrain operation sectors in 2014. 

A prospective CEO should also have past experience in other company management positions, and Mibe certainly has proven his loyalty to Honda. In 2016, he began to do more internal work for the company as both a director and senior managing officer. Two years later, he would gain the title of executive vice president in the R&D department. He was also designated as the main managing officer of the entire company. 

Mibe would inherit another important responsibility in 2019 as the executive of Honda’s intellectual property operations. This involves protecting all of Honda’s copyrights, patents, and trademarks. He would also be promoted to representative director and president of the R&D branch this year.

The very next year, Mibe gained yet another responsibility as a risk management officer. He was also named as the executive of the Monozukuri role, which entails many of Mibe’s existing duties as well as a few new ones. Those include the purchasing of parts, production management, IT development, and quality assurance. Just one month later, Mibe was promoted to Honda’s senior management directing position. 

When did Toshihiro Mibe become Honda’s president?


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After a longstanding history with the company, Mibe became both Honda’s president and CEO in 2021. He also now holds the title of representative director for Honda’s leadership board. Mibe replaced Takahiro Hachigo, who had been Honda’s CEO since 2015. Like Mibe, Hachigo held multiple management positions with Honda and has been with the company since the 80s. 

Even while navigating through post-pandemic supply chain difficulties, Mibe’s Honda keeps posting successful sales numbers each quarter. In August alone, Honda sold nearly 112,000 cars and trucks in the United States. Total Acura sales for this year are up by 61%. 

Honda also reports that its year-to-date sales have increased by nearly 32%. With Toshihiro Mibe at the helm and some exciting new vehicles in the pipeline, we have nothing but great expectations for Honda’s future.