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Honda’s CEO Toshihiro Mibe is looking to partner with another automaker to produce electric vehicles. Honda has yet to mass-produce a successful electric vehicle. The Japanese automaker was partnering with General Motors, but that partnership may have just gone up in flames.

Honda may have to break up with General Motors to develop a successful electric vehicle

A black sign with a Honda logo.
A black Honda logo is seen near the car showroom in Krakow, Poland | Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Honda was originally expected to partner with General Motors to develop an electric vehicle by 2024. The Japanese automaker looked to GM after the brief success of the Chevy Bolt. The Bolt debuted in 2017 and was immediately met with great reviews and praise from consumers and critics alike.

The Bolt’s early success was well-noted in the auto industry as Chevy proved that the century-old automaker could step into the future. Unfortunately for Chevy, the Bolt’s reputation took a major hit in 2021.

The Chevrolet Bolt was recalled entirely after several battery fires that resulted from overheating. Some Bolt owners saw their vehicles engulfed in flames, and some fires resulted in property damages.

The Honda Clarity EV proved that Honda needs serious help

A silver Honda Clarity is driving on the road.
The Honda Clarity | Honda

The Honda Clarity EV was one of the company’s biggest failures in recent years. The Clarity EV was so poorly received because of its range (or lack of range). The electric vehicle was only able to travel for 89 miles before needing to be recharged.

The Clarity EV’s 89-mile range is laughable today as many base model electric vehicles like the Ford Mustang Mach-E get over 230 miles of range. This electric vehicle proved that Honda desperately needed help to develop a competent, popular electric vehicle platform. At the time, General Motors seemed like the perfect company to collaborate with on a new EV.

Today, General Motors and its Ultium electric vehicle platform are in hot water, to say the least. GM has spent $1 billion recalling all Bolt and Bolt EUV models to make necessary repairs. Suddenly a partnership to develop an EV platform with GM doesn’t seem so appealing. The partnership between Honda and GM, like the Bolt itself, could go up in flames. According to InsideEVs, Honda’s CEO Toshihiro Mibe is actively seeking new partnerships to aid in the company’s electric vehicle development.

Will Honda ever mass-produce a successful electric vehicle?

Honda has teased the Prologue electric SUV model in 2021. The model was supposed to be slated for a 2024 release date, but since General Motors is having issues with the Ultium EV platform, it may take even longer for Honda to release an electric vehicle.

The world is certainly ready for an electric Honda, but the Japanese automaker simply isn’t prepared to compete with its rivals on the EV front yet. There’s no telling as to when the world will finally receive a well-rounded mass-produced electric Honda model, but when it does, will it be too little too late?


The Honda Clarity EV Is Dying a Slow Death