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The Kia Telluride has it all—excellent dynamics, abundant features, and a reasonable price. Whether taking trips around town or navigating rugged terrain, the Telluride has comfort and capability. And with its upscale interior, this midsize SUV competes with the best.

But while it has an appealing $35,990 starting MSRP, base prices can often be misleading. That’s because options can add up, and before you know it, you’re over your budget. So carefully picking and choosing ensures that doesn’t happen.

So how much is a realistic Telluride build? Using the Kia Build & Price tool, I optioned a Telluride that suits my needs. Let’s look at the specs.

Kia Telluride: building one for versatile performance

I live in Vermont. I encounter -50 wind chills, searing summer heat, and deep snow. And the roads are just as varied. Winding interstates and rugged fire roads regularly appear on my itinerary.

With that in mind, I built a Kia Telluride emphasizing function, with few luxury add-ons.

I started by picking a trim. The base model LX ($35,990) had everything I needed without unnecessary add-ons like larger alloy wheels, roof rails, or captain’s chairs. And with the same 291 hp V6 as other trims, it had plenty of get-up-and-go. From there, I upgraded its capability.

For $2,000, I added Active All-Wheel Drive, a PTC heater, and Michelin tires. On icy Vermont mornings, AWD provides vital traction. A PTC heater gets the cabin warm before the engine warms up. And I trust Michelin tires for the best performance on the road (though I’d likely add snow tires).

With that one option, I had a Telluride that could handle almost anything. But I still wanted to personalize it for my adventures. So I picked out a few accessories.

When you’re storing snow-covered gear, a cargo tray provides vital protection. So I added one for $155.

The salt-covered highways of New England take a toll on fenders, and the $125 mudguards seemed like a wise pick. They also look cool and give the Telluride a capable look.

Lastly, rocky back roads can nick up an undercarriage, and the $350 skid plate offers long-term protection.

Going over my Kia Telluride build

More and more, SUVs gain softer personalities for urban driving. That’s in contrast to classics like the first Ford Bronco, with its truck-based construction and hardy performance. While civilized sport-utilities make sense for most drivers, I want a ride that has a little toughness mixed in.

That’s what I attempted to do with my Telluride build.

The Kia Telluride is a smooth-riding SUV for any trip. But by adding AWD, a skid plate, and mudguards, it gains a sharper edge for challenging conditions. And with a cargo tray, you can throw in mud-covered gear without worry.

The total cost for my Telluride was $39,945. That’s a lot of SUV for the money. But I knew I had a vehicle that could get me anywhere in comfort, no matter the conditions.

The Kia Telluride is a versatile sport utility that competes with the best. Despite its bargain price, the midsize SUV comes packed with power, amenities, and comfort. I optioned one with hardy equipment for Vermont’s harsh conditions, creating a capable vehicle with a reasonable cost.

It fits my purposes to a T. And with so many trims to choose from, prospective Kia buyers can do the same, for a personalized ride to meet their needs.