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Honda has finally found its electric mojo with the debut of its 2024 Prologue EV. It is almost a revolution for Honda. But for buyers, it only places the Japanese automaker into the EV parade, not necessarily in the lead. And it may surprise you that its electrified powertrain is courtesy of GM and its Ultium EV platform. 

Looking like much of the rest of Honda’s lineup, it does feature some deviations, starting with the overhangs. They’re short, just as we all like them. It helps the proportions to give the Prologue a bit more presence and stiffens up the styling. And both the front fenders and top have less taper than many midsize SUVs today.

Is the Honda Prologue cabin more exciting?

Turquoise 2024 Honda Prologue EV driving on highway
2024 Honda Prologue EV | Honda

Also helping to separate it from, say, a CR-V are the 21-inch wheels. That’s a first for Honda. It is all very Honda-like but more compelling than past efforts.

Inside, it is also very Honda-like. Other than the 11.3-inch screen making its presence known in the middle of the dash, the rest follows the simple, clean Honda interior playbook. All of this Honda-ness should make stalwart owners feel familiar with an otherwise unfamiliar EV.

What is the Honda Prologue’s power and range like?

2024 Honda Prologue EV dash layout
2024 Honda Prologue EV | Honda

Also new to Honda are these new Honda Sensing driver-assist features. First, there is cross-traffic braking, then blind-zone steering assist and rear pedestrian alert are the others. As with other Hondas, it also features forward collision warning, lane-keep assist, and adaptive cruise control. 

The Prologue‘s power comes from either a single- or dual-motor all-wheel drive setup. With the dual motor, there is a combined 288 hp and 333 lb-ft of torque. That is not exactly Hellcat Hemi territory, but we’ll assume it is Honda’s intent to emphasize practicality over power. The range comes in at 300 miles for the dual motor, and MPGe figures have not come out yet. A DC fast charge adds 65 miles of range in under ten minutes. 

What kinds of charging options are there?

2024 Honda Prologue EV side view
2024 Honda Prologue EV | Honda

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To make charging more accommodating, Honda is offering three different ways to plug in, which are part of the Prologue’s purchase price. First, an 11.5-kW home charger comes with a $100 public charge credit card and a $500 installation incentive. Then, there is a 7.6-kW portable charging kit, coming with a $300 charging card and a $250 installation incentive. Finally, there is a $750 charging card for those wanting to go the route of not charging at home. 

On the charging front, Honda is part of the six brand-neutral car companies to roll out a network of charging facilities throughout the U.S. This should be filled out by the summer of 2024. It is banking on having 30,000 charging spots and 1,350 charging stations before the end of the decade. 

As for the Prologue, it is also making it to dealer’s showrooms in 2024.