Here’s the 2022 Lucid SUV EV Before You’re Supposed To See It

Lucid is ready to make the official launch of the “Air” EV sedan next month. What we weren’t expecting is the Lucid SUV EV coming at the same time. But that is what it appears is happening. Spotted during a promotional film shoot both were caught between the action. We knew that an SUV was next but we didn’t think it was happening along with the Air. Obviously, this is the Lucid SUV EV before you’re supposed to see it.

Posted on the Lucid Motors forum these images give a pretty clear view of the SUV. They came to us via Electrek. Both the sedan and SUV share a similar wrapping rear window and side window sweep. Along with the colors and slim tail light band they definitely have a family resemblance. 

The best shot of the Lucid SUV shows an extremely short front overhang

Lucid SUV

The best shot of the SUV shows what looks to be an extremely short overhang in the front. That might be due to the camera angle. The fascia appears to wrap generously. If so then the overhang may not look so short in a normal ¾ view. Regardless, it sure beats a long overhang.

As for the sedan, we were immediately drawn to the wheels. That’s because they look very similar to the Jaguar I-Pace wheels. At the distance that these images were shot it is hard to tell whether there is more than a passing resemblance or not. 

The surprising news of 500+ mile range puts Lucid at the forefront

Shot of the Lucid Air sedan filming in California with SUV behind

The biggest news for the Air sedan is that third-party testing has concluded it can go over 500 miles on a single charge. That’s huge and it surpasses Tesla’s Model S Long Range model by 100 miles. Tesla has seemed to be untouchable with a commanding lead on technology. So this surprising news puts Lucid at the forefront and makes it a serious player for a startup EV manufacturer.  

The Air has been shown before. Especially right around the time financing possibly dried up a couple of years ago. Now, of course, Saudi money has rescued the company and they have even built a massive factory in Arizona. After the Air goes into production a number of other models will be launched one on top of the other. 

The Lucis SUV is a lot closer to production than had previously been known

Shot of the Lucid SUV and Air sedan filming in California

Confirmed: First 500+ Mile EV Lucid Air Beats Tesla By Plenty

At this point. we would guess that the SUV will share both the platform and motors featured on the Air. That combined with the amount of capacity the factory has indicates Lucid is marching forward as earlier reports suggested. It also means the SUV is a lot closer to seeing production than what anyone had previously known.

There are quite a few EV manufacturers expected to hit at once in 2021. So it will be interesting to see what the immediate future holds for all of them. What are your thoughts on the Lucid SUV seen here?