Here Are The Worst SUVs Of 2020 You Need To Avoid

From big to small, we have a list of the worst SUVs of 2020. These SUVs each have a unique set of problems, making them the options that you should consider passing on. From weak fuel economies, bumpy rides, and more, check out what lemons made the list. 

The Worst SUVs Of 2020 

Honda HR-V 

The Honda HR-V ranks surprisingly low for a compact SUV. Don’t let its cheap price that starts around $20k pull you in. Despite being introduced in 2016, this car has an older look and feel. 

Its weak acceleration is pretty laggy. It takes 8.9 seconds for this vehicle to go from 0 to 60 mph. On top of that, it’s not fun to drive. 

The Honda HR-V has a loud cabin and Ridgid handling. Its bumpy ride is uncomfortable, and the stiff steering can be frustrating. 

It also has a bizarre door handle placement in the back that is difficult for kids to figure out. Seriously, kids hate trying to get into this little SUV. 

Jeep Compass 

The Jeep Compass isn’t only a terrible SUV, but it’s the worst Jeep as well. For $22k, you can find a better option elsewhere. 

It only gets a combined fuel efficiency of 24 mpg, making it a gas guzzler and has a weak engine. It only provides an output of 180 horsepower. 

It has a slow acceleration and isn’t fun to drive or ride in. The steering is stiff, and the ride is very bumpy. Plus, it’s loud engine penetrates the cabin. 

On top of all that, it’s advanced safety features aren’t standard on every trim option. So, you’ll have to spend more for enhanced safety. 

Honda Passport 

The 2020 Honda Passport also made it on the list of worst options. It’s a larger SUV that starts around $31k, so you’ll save more by avoiding it. 

It has a poor fuel economy and only gets up to 20 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Plus, the Honda Passport is frustrating to drive. 

The handling is very stiff, and there’s quite a bit of vehicle sway. Also, the steering is unresponsive, making this SUV challenging to handle. There are complaints with the shifter that is difficult to use as well. 

Worst of all, the infotainment center is slow and laggy. It can be too annoying to use and usually gets ignored. 

Acura MDX 

The Acura MDX is supposed to be oozing with a high-class luxurious feel but instead does the opposite. Its ridiculous starting price of about $44k does not accurately reflect it’s quality or features. 

The interior isn’t very nice. The large cloth seats seem pretty average. Plus, the two-screen interface takes a little getting used to and can disorient drivers. 

It has a frustrating gear selector to ger used to as well. The engine is unresponsive, and the ride is incredibly bumpy too. The Acura fails to provide a smooth, simple, and luxurious ride that it promises to fans.