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Harley-Davidson, or Harley-Bike in this case, has just released its new line of E-bikes in both the US and Europe. Four types of E-bikes make up the Serial 1 line. Powered by lithium-ion batteries and featuring hydroformed aluminum frames are just some of the common highlights of these Harley-Davidson bikes.

The Harley E-bikes debuted this week at Sturgis

Harley-Davidson Series 1 E-bike concept | HD
Harley-Davidson Series 1 E-bike concept | HD

They also feature four ride modes; Eco, Tour, Sport, and Boost. And all of them use LED lighting and Gates carbon drive belts. Harley-Davidson debuted the Serial 1 E-bikes at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this week. Retail sales have begun as well. 

The base model is the MOSH/CTY. It can see a top speed of 20 mph from its 529 kWh li-ion battery. Its range is between 35- and 105-miles depending on conditions and style of riding. A full charge takes just under five hours. The price for the MOSH/CTY is $3,799. 

Harley’s RUSH/CTY E-bike lists for $4,999

Harley-Davidson Series 1 RUSH/CTY
Harley-Davidson Series 1 E-bike | HD

Next on the list is the RUSH/CTY. It features an odometer display, storage compartment, and four-piston brake calipers. With its 706 kWh li-ion battery it can launch the RUSH/CTY up to 115 miles per charge. A full charge takes under seven hours. The price for this model climbs to $4,999.

The RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU is the base model with a 529 kWh battery and a range of up to 90 miles. The price straddles between the two previously mentioned models.

Harley-Davidson Series 1 RUSH/CTY SPEEDt | HD
Harley-Davidson Series 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED | HD

At the top of the Serial 1 food chain is the RUSH/CTY SPEED. With its Brose TF Mag motor, it can see speeds of 28 MPH. The 706 kWh battery gives the RUSH/CTY SPEED up to 115-miles of range. A full charge takes 6.6 hours. It is priced at $5,599.

The Harley Pan America was its first venture into E-bike manufacturing

Harley-Davidson LiveWire
Harley-Davidson LiveWire | HD

This is not the first stab at electrification for Harley-Davidson. The Livewire was its first. As part of its “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” initiative, it and the Serial 1 bikes are meant to attract non-traditional Harley buyers. But while it was a hybrid with its 1,250cc V-twin, the Serial 1 bikes are completely electric. 

Both styles of bikes are completely outside of what Harley is known for; its V-twin-powered cruisers. But sales have been in a steady decline as the older riders are literally dying off. Harley has seen an uplift in its forecast for the immediate future, so something is hitting on all cylinders right now at Harley-Davidson.


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