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Harley-Davidson is one of the most well-known American motorcycles. The brand began in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Alongside Indian, the company manufactured motorcycles to aid in WWI and WWII. It survived many economic downturns, such as the Great Depression. Harley has persevered and developed a loyal fan base through the numerous owners, periods of financial struggle, and increased competition.

Even after their name was tarnished in 1952, decisions were made due to various contributing factors to cut costs and quality. Harley came through on the other side bigger and better than ever. Many people flock to this brand for its history, quality, and design.

It is now one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The motorcycle is known for its style and ease of customization. You can have it all effortlessly with Harley, from ape hangers to beach bars. However, above all, people go to Harley for its unmistakable sound. The brand has many various models so that every rider can find something they can genuinely enjoy.

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All Harley-Davidson Motorcycles:


Sportster S: One of Harley’s smaller bikes for gliding through curvy roads and city streets.


Iron: This stripped-down cruiser is great for urban rides showcases that authentic Harley style.

Forty-Eight: Showcases a broad stance with sharp handling and a smooth ride.

Softail: A low-slung stance great for light touring or city cruising.

Street Bob: A stripped-down bobber great for driving around town or curvy roads

Low Rider: Sportbike agility with great handling for aggressive riding.

Sport Glide: Equal parts performance and touring for the best of both worlds.

Fat Bob: An agile and powerful performance-driven bike.

Fat Boy: A hot rod rider’s dream with fat tires and a stylish look.

Heritage Classic: A classic styling with great showstopping cruising ability.

Adventure Touring:

Pan America: Designed for adventure and exploration. With the power needed to do so.

Grand America Touring:

Electra Glide: An excellent addition for those long trips for those that enjoy comfort.

Road King: An excellent option for long tips with outstanding performance and Neo-style.

Road Glide: Powerful and comfortable touring bike made for the open road.

Street Glide: The original hot-rod stripped-down bagger that riders seek.

Ultra Limited: A premium performance touring bike with uncompromised performance.

CVO Limited: Premium performance and luxury give the rider a comfortable and luxurious experience.


Freewheeler: A stripped-down cruiser with three wheels to add confidence to the rider.

Tri Glide: The definition of comfort within a 3-wheel touring experience.


Livewire: Sophisticated technology with instant acceleration, making this a new riding experience.

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