The rear 3/4 view of the white 2018 Harley-Davidson Custom 1250 concept
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Harley-Davidson’s Custom 1250 Concept Is Coming in 2021

While bikes like the Street Glide show that Harley-Davidson still builds good cruiser motorcycles, that’s no longer enough to sustain the brand. Other bike companies, such as BMW and Royal Enfield, have been making inroads on the segment. And while Indian still makes cruisers, it now offers flat-trackers, too. But following the announcement of a …

A photo of a Harley-Davidson Sportster on the road.
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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Harley-Davidson?

If you’ve been eyeing a Harley-Davidson as your next motorcycle, it’s almost the right time to buy. As the snow begins to fall and motorcycles and sports cars alike retreat into garages, a unique opportunity appears. With fewer riders on the road and almost none buying bikes. Harley-Davidson’s sales figures show the end of the …

Harley Davidson motorcycles stand side by side before the start of a biker parade on the occasion of the Harley Days Dresden 2019
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Harley-Davidson Isn’t the Best Motorcycle Brand, According To Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports rates all sorts of products and provides lots of information that is helpful for consumers, including info about cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Buyers looking for a new motorcycle may be surprised by the brand ratings from Consumer Reports. The best motorcycle brand isn’t Harley-Davidson, but instead, it’s Victory, a brand that’s no longer …

The Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-bike in front of the Serial One motorcycle
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Harley-Davidson’s First E-Bike Has a Historic Name

As turbulent as the last few months and years have been for Harley-Davidson, some of the company’s long-term plans are starting to come to life. For example, the long-teased Pan America adventure bike is coming in 2021. But there’s one more product that’s about to hit the road: an e-bike. It’s called the Harley-Davidson Serial …

A dark-blue 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide parked on a beach
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Is the 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide the Best Cruiser To Buy?

The Pan America adventure bike is joining the Harley-Davidson lineup soon. But for now, the vast majority of the brand’s sales come from cruiser motorcycles. And while companies like Royal Enfield are getting into the segment, Harley’s bikes are typically the standard. In fact, Popular Mechanics considers the 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide the best cruiser …

An orange-tanked Harley-Davidson Pan America concept parked on a dry lakebed
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The Harley-Davidson Pan America Adventure Bike Will Hit the Dirt Soon

Although it makes some excellent cruisers, Harley-Davidson’s lineup outside the segment is basically just the electric LiveWire. However, as part of its plan under past-CEO Matt Levatich, Harley was working on several decidedly non-cruiser bikes. One of these planned models was the Harley-Davidson Pan America, an adventure bike meant to take on manufacturers like BMW. …

2005 Harley Davidson Softail | Gabrielle R DeSantis
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A Harley With Chrome Is All You Need

If you are a fan of cruising the highways, scenic trails, and dangerous mountain passes on two-wheel instead of four, chances are you are also a fan of Harley Davidson. Anyone has ridden a Harley will tell you that there is just a little something special about them. The feel of two wheels on the …

A black 2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse with optional tall handlebars in front of a train
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Does the 2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse Gallop Past the BMW R18?

With the release of the R18 cruiser, BMW’s motorcycle division has something to take Harley-Davidson head-on. But Harley-Davidson isn’t the only bike company with cruisers; it’s not even the only American one. Indian has a long and historic rivalry with Harley, and it similarly focuses on cruiser-style bikes. And for 2021, it might have something …

The black-and-chrome-trimmed 2021 BMW R18 First Edition
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The 2021 BMW R18 Cruiser Is a Bavarian Harley-Davidson

Usually, adventure bikes are the first things that come to mind when thinking about BMW motorcycles. But the German company also offers sportbikes and some scrambler look-alikes. And for a brief period, it had a cruiser, too. But despite starring in a James Bond movie, the R1200C wasn’t particularly popular. However, the company is taking …

A black 1940 Crocker Big Tank
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Crocker: The American Motorcycle Brand More Valuable Than Harley-Davidson

While Indian and Harley-Davidson may be the biggest names in American motorcycles today, they weren’t always the only ones. Indian in particular owes a lot to Henderson, maker of four-cylinder bikes. Henderson was preceded in turn by another four-cylinder brand, Pierce-Arrow. And there’s another American motorcycle company worth celebrating. One whose bikes command higher prices …

The green-tanked Royal Enfield Concept KX cruiser
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Is Royal Enfield Looking To Take on Harley-Davidson’s Cruisers?

With Royal Enfield’s classic-styled standard motorcycle and café racer each a resounding hit, the Indian company is starting to expand its offerings. It already offers one Triumph rival in the form of the Bonneville-esque Interceptor 650. And rumors claim it’s also working on a competitor for the Triumph Scrambler. The latest news, though, seems to …

Motorcyclists wearing Harley-Davidson jackets stand on the banks of the Rudolf-von-Bennigsen river during a demonstration ride
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Is Harley-Davidson Going Out of Business?

Harley-Davidson has been building motorcycles since 1903. The legendary brand is an everlasting symbol of freedom and adventure, and its superior product is an iconic part of the American roadway. Over the past few years, Harley-Davidson has been experiencing declining sales as its aging customer base loses interest in their heavyweight product. It has been a challenge for the motorcycle …

A black 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR in a studio
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The Harley-Davidson XLCR Is the Forgotten American Cafe Racer

Though the electric LiveWire is an honest performance bike, Harley-Davidson’s bread-and-butter is still cruisers, tourers, and baggers. But the American motorcycle company has attempted to branch out over the years, though not always successfully. And with its current condition, it’s likely the previously-teased café racer and flat tracker concepts won’t be made anytime soon. But …

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman standing in front of their blue and orange Harley-Davidson LiveWires in the middle of the desert
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Ewan McGregor Goes a Long Way Thanks to Rivian and the Harley-Davidson Livewire

Electric vehicles, whether trucks or motorcycles aren’t typically the steeds of choice for off-road adventures. Especially not ones like the Harley-Davidson LiveWire which, despite offering genuinely impressive performance, isn’t exactly an ADV bike. But if an Indian Scout Sixty can tackle Amazonian jungles, then an electric Harley should be able to as well. And movie …

A black-tanked 2020 Indian Scout Sixty
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Does the Indian Scout Sixty Out-Cruise Harley-Davidson’s Iron 883?

Though Japanese brands make some of the most affordable cruiser motorcycles, both Indian and Harley-Davidson offer bikes at reasonable prices. For Indian, that’s the Scout Sixty, now available in Bobber form. And for Harley-Davidson, it’s the Iron 883, heir to the Sportster name. But which entry-level American cruiser is best? 2020 Indian Scout Sixty vs. …

A gray-purple 2020 Kawasaki Vulcan S rides down a wet city street
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The Best Cruiser Motorcycles Under $10,000 on Sale Today

While a standard motorcycle, like the Street Triple R, is a good all-around bike, it’s not the best for every situation. For relaxed, long-distance riding, a cruiser motorcycle makes a bit more sense. And, while some cruisers come with large price tags, you don’t need to break your budget to afford one. There are a …

Vance & Hines #4 racer Bryan Smith sliding a Harley-Davidson XG750
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Here’s Why Flat Tracker Motorcycles Are So Popular

Paved roads aren’t the only places motorcycles can go—or race. Events like the Mint 400 and the Paris-Dakar see competitors jumping dunes, scrambling over rocks, and flying down gravel paths. As a result, off-road bikes have jumped in popularity in recent years. And included in that are flat tracker motorcycles. What is a flat tracker …

Low-angle shot of a black 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Nightster silhouetted against a cloudy sky
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Which Used Harleys Are the Most Reliable?

While it faces an image problem, Harley-Davidson does still make some impressive motorcycles. Especially when it comes to tourers and cruisers. Although some of its newer bikes can be fairly pricey, Harley’s reputation for design conservatism means used models offer similar looks at a discount. Unfortunately, many past Harley-Davidsons suffered reliability and quality-control issues, which …

Orange 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire with its rider in the background, both watching the rising sun over a canyon
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Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire Should’ve Learned From Zero Motorcycles

Despite taking off from the line quickly, Harley-Davidson’s electric LiveWire hasn’t really taken off in terms of sales figures. And the American motorcycle company’s future as a whole doesn’t look terribly bright. Which is a shame for electric motorcycle fans, because the LiveWire itself is a well-made bike. But in making it, Harley should’ve taken …

Brushed-aluminum 2021 Tarform Luna electric motorcycle on a beach
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The Tarform Luna Electric Motorcycle Goes All in on Sustainability

Battery-powered bikes, like other EVs, have benefits besides high performance. However, although electric motorcycles do generate fewer emissions, not all of their building materials are necessarily as kind to the planet. And for many potential owners, there’s always the question of, not just battery range, but battery longevity. Brooklyn-based Tarform’s Luna, though, is trying to …

Black-and-silver Buell Lightning with green helmet on a city street
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Buell: The Sportier Side of Harley-Davidson

Even outside of Henderson, American motorcycle companies have included more than just Harley-Davidson. And we’re not talking about Indian, either. In addition, even before Harley tried branching out into new segments, there was one American bikemaker that offered not just sports bikes, but innovative entry-level ones, too. That company was Buell. And although it’s still …

Diagram showing Harley-Davidson's self-driving motorcycle patent
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Is Harley-Davidson Working on a Self-Balancing Motorcycle?

Most recommended beginner bikes are fairly small so newer riders aren’t intimidated at balancing on and handling them. That’s in contrast to some of Harley-Davidson’s bikes. Even its cheapest bike, the Street 750, is about 100 pounds heavier than my Triumph Street Triple R. But Harley may have a solution that could attract new customers …

Gray 2020 Triumph Street Twin parked in front of a brick wall
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Triumph Is Doing What Harley-Davidson Should’ve Done Years Ago

On the surface, Triumph and Harley-Davidson can seem somewhat similar. Both motorcycle companies offer bikes that lean on nostalgia and retro designs, after all. And both also derive quite a bit of revenue from apparel sales. However, while Triumph these days seems to be doing OK, Harley-Davidson is decidedly not. And, as YouTuber Different Spokes …

Burgundy 1931 Henderson Four
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Remembering Henderson, Harley-Davidson’s Fallen American Rival

Even though it’s struggling now, Harley-Davidson is still the longest-lived American motorcycle company around. Indian was founded at about the same time, but it went out of business before being brought back. However, in the early days of the motorcycle, Indian and Harley were just 2 of many competing brands. And there was one in …

2020 Harley-Davidson Fatboy 114
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Harley-Davidson Could Learn From Hummer

Although it’s finally found itself a new CEO, the news from Harley-Davidson still isn’t encouraging. The company’s sales were struggling even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, Harley’s planned adventure and streetfighter bikes have yet to materialize. And it doesn’t help that the electric LiveWire is priced significantly higher than many other electric motorcycles. Harley-Davidson has …

Bull Cycles Harley-Davidson Peashooter board track racer
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These Vintage Bull Cycles Board Track Racers Are Wild American Throwbacks

Today, there are plenty of motorcycles available that ape their classic ancestors. Janus Motorcycles even uses a frame design that originates in the 1950s. But vintage bikes are another story. The earliest motorcycles were literally bicycles with motors attached; that’s how Ducati got its start. Arguably, that makes modern e-bikes motorcycle throwbacks. However, if you’re …

2020 Indian Chief Dark Horse
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Is Indian Doing Better Than Harley-Davidson?

Just like Ford and Chevrolet compete in the car world, Indian and Harley-Davidson compete in the motorcycle world. But recently, Harley-Davidson has been going through something of an extended rough patch. Its CEO left amid what seems like boardroom drama, for one. And while Harley has some interesting bikes in development, its high-performance electric LiveWire …

2020 Energica Eva EsseEsse9+
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You Don’t Need to Shift to Enjoy These Automatic Motorcycles

With today’s wide assortment of motorcycles, ranging from café racers to dual sports to touring bikes, potential owners can generally find the bike that suits their interests. But there’s one thing most of these bikes share: a clutch lever. And that’s something that can intimidate a lot of newer riders. Even entry-level bikes like the …

Harley-Davidson V-Rod
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The Harley-Davidson V-Rod: A Cruiser With a Porsche Engine

Porsche collaborated with several automakers in the 80s and 90s. The partnership with Mercedes led to the 190E 2.3-16 sports sedan. And working with Audi, the two created the RS2 Avant, the first high-performance Audi wagon. But Porsche hasn’t only worked on projects with automakers—it also worked with Harley-Davidson. The result was the Harley-Davidson V-Rod …

2021 BMW R18
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BMW’s Taking on Harley-Davidson With the R18 Cruiser

BMW doesn’t just make fast cars and luxurious SUVs: the German company is also an established motorcycle maker. Its famed boxer engine has even been used by other motorcycle companies. Today, BMW’s motorcycle division is perhaps best known for its touring and adventure bikes. However, as the retro motorcycle wave has grown, it’s also begun …

Harley-Davidson cafe racer prototype
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Will Harley-Davidson Actually Build These Awesome New Bikes?

Harley-Davidson hasn’t had a good 2020 so far. The departure of its CEO had elements of boardroom drama, and the COVID-19 outbreak has stifled production. In addition, the much-anticipated LiveWire electric motorcycle hasn’t really taken off. And bikes like the $41,000 CVO Road-Glide aren’t exactly affordable. However, recently-uncovered documents hint at more Harley-Davidson bikes in …

A model poses on a Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle during a press conference for the Hamburg Motorcycle Days
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Avengers: Black Widow’s Electric Harley-Davidson Will Finally Be Available to Buy This Year

When Scarlett Johansson zipped through the streets in Avengers: Age of Ultron with her futuristic looking motorcycle, audiences were amazed. Fans from around the world, some of whom have never ridden on a motorcycle before, wanted one. Now, Harley-Davidson is finally producing that bike for anyone who wants to buy one – the Harley-Davidson LiveWire. …

1956 Ford Fairlane
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What Did Kenny Rogers Drive?

On Friday, March 20, 2020, news that famed singer, Kenny Rogers passed away hit the news outlets. He passed away of natural causes at his home in Georgia. As a fan, I had to find a Youtube video of him singing, The Gambler, to refresh my memories again. As a writer for an automotive website, …

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Man, Harley Davidson News Keeps Getting Worse

Harley Davidson was in big trouble before the coronavirus hit China. The stock has been tanking badly. It’s new ebike called “Live Wire” had to be pulled from the market for a time in October. Once it was back nobody wanted it. Just a few weeks ago its CEO of five years and the Harley …

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Harley-Davidson’s CEO Just Quit: Here’s The Problem

Matt Levatich has been CEO of Harley-Davidson for just under five years. In that time sales have dropped every year. Here’s the problem; Harley’s customers are aging out. They’ve either got the Harley or Harleys they want and they’re through. That or they’re dying or dead. Sorry to be so blunt but that’s a lot …

Jay Leno riding a Janus Halcyon 250
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Is Janus Motorcycles More American Than Harley-Davidson?

The same things that draw people to classic trucks and SUVs also draw them to classic motorcycles. Although modern bikes have gotten faster and more refined, they’ve also grown larger and more complicated. Not to mention expensive: the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide costs more than a new 5.0-liter Mustang GT. And it’s not like Harley …

2020 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide
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Is This Harley Davidson CVO Really Worth $41,000?

Harley Davidson makes some very fast cruisers and touring bikes, just about as far from the Honda Grom as someone can get. The fastest ones are the Harley Davidson CVO motorcycles, essentially factory-custom, limited-production machines. Unfortunately, that speed doesn’t come cheap. The latest Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide costs just under $41,000—never mind bikes, there …

2020 F-150 Harley-Davidson | Tuscany
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A 2020 Harley-Davidson F-150 Is Coming: Why?

In a move that surprised more than a few at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show a limited-edition 2020 F-150 Harley-Davidson model was revealed. A limited-edition anything is an expectation for popular models from different manufacturers. It’s just another way to add sizzle to both hot and slow sellers. So a limited-edition Harley-Davidson F-150 is coming? …

2020 Ducati Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour
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Fastest Touring Motorcycles by 0-60 Time

Motorcycles are ridden every from dirt trails to paved roads. For the latter, standards and cruisers tend to be popular choices. Cruisers in particular offer an attractive combination of relaxed riding with casual speed. Quite a few cruisers can actually out-accelerate some high-end sports cars. However, over long stretches of road, touring bikes are the …

2019 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition
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Buy This Ford F-150, Not the Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition

When it comes to American icons, the Ford F-150 and Harley-Davidson motorcycles rank pretty high on the recognition factor. So, it should come as no surprise that Ford and H-D have partnered before to make F-150 Harley-Davidson special-edition trucks. Although not truly ‘limited’, from 2002-2012 more than 70,000 H-D-themed F-150s were produced. The latest Harley-Davidson …

Harley-Davidson motorcycles parked for a press shoot.
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The Most Expensive Motorcycles to Own

When buying a new or used motorcycle, you definitely want to know how much it will cost up front. More importantly, you should consider how much maintenance will cost after you buy it. While your motorcycle will definitely save you money with fuel efficiency, you could find those savings go straight to upkeep. To give you a better …