Get A Deal Now: Plenty Of New Surplus 2020 Cars Sitting At Dealers

It’s February 2021, and there are still lots of surplus 2020 models sitting at dealers right now. If you’re thinking about buying a new car this might be the time to step up. It won’t be a 2021 model but in most cases, 2020 will be the same as 2021. And you can save thousands of dollars as dealers want them gone.

New 2021 models are just now starting to show up

In many cases, the 2021 models are just now starting to show up. That’s because 2021 production was delayed a bit to allow dealers to move out 2020 models. As we get further into 2021 those new car inventories will only increase. But there are still a lot of 2020s left as analyzed by iSeeCars. It found that on average almost a quarter of most dealer’s lots are made up of 2020 models. 

But some very popular vehicles are almost entirely made up of 2020 leftovers. The popular Ford Ranger pickup is evenly split between 2020 and 2021 models at most Ford dealerships. It saw numerous COVID-19 related shutdowns so inventory was late in coming. Is an Expedition more what you’re looking at the Blue Oval for? Expedition leftovers are over 60% 2020 models. 

Car Sales: A man inspects a car inside a dealership
A man looks at the sticker price of a new Chevrolet | Getty

Ram 1500 Classic pickups were always a good bargain. There was also a good supply of them throughout 2020. That means demand never surged. So now almost 40% of pickups available at dealership lots are those 2020 Classics. And if a Ford F150 is what you’re after there are slightly more than 40% of inventory made up of 2020 F150s. 

Now there is even more room to haggle with new 2020 cars still on lots

As you know it is a truck and SUV world now. But there are loads of deals on cars because of that. Now there is even more room to haggle with 2020 models still found on lots. Over 50% of both Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 inventory is made up of 2020 cars. Challengers are not far behind at 48.3%. Honda Civics and Volkswagen Jettas are over a third made up of 2020 cars. 

iSeeCars 2020 surplus inventory list as of Feb 2021

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Almost 100% of Escape inventory is 2020 models

The highest share of inventory on the list is the Ford Escape. Production only just started last month on the 2021 models. So almost 100% of Escape inventory is of 2020 models. An incentive for Ford dealers to make some deals on the Escape is because the Mustang Mach-E will be competing with the Escape. It’s almost out now. So dealers know it will be a sales success and need to get out from under Escapes.

Thinking about an EV? The Chevy Bolt EV is made up of almost 70% of 2020 model inventories. And Chevy has added a $14,000 incentive on each one right now. 

We’ve included the listing of the top 20 2020 leftovers as of this week. In all 2020 was a goofy year for predicting sales. That makes right now a great time to see what 2020s are left on dealership lots.