The 2020 Ford Escape Is an Affordable Crossover No One Bought

Last year was particularly tough for the 2020 Ford Escape. Despite being an affordable crossover with a stylish aesthetic, it seems no one actually went out and bought a 2020 Escape last year. We know this because a recent study by iSeeCars found that most of these unloved models are still sitting in dealerships across the U.S.

Global pandemic aside, let’s look at exactly why so many crossover shoppers skipped the Escape. Additionally, we’ll look at a few other Ford models that also had a rough 2020.

90.4 percent of 2020 Ford Escape models are still at dealerships

To look at the effects of the global pandemic on the U.S. auto market, iSeeCars conducted a study to see just how many 2020 models are still sitting in dealership lots. This is where the 2020 Ford Escape took the unfortunate first place. According to iSeeCars, 90.4 percent of all 2020 models are still sitting at dealerships. This means that as we move into the 2021 model year, most of last year’s stock remains unsold.

However, this doesn’t mean that crossover shoppers didn’t buy Escapes last year, just not 2020 models. According to CarSalesBase, 178,496 new Escape crossovers found new homes last year. Unfortunately, iSeeCars reports that sales for the crossover were down 26 percent when compared to 2019. As a result of these factors, there is a massive surplus of these crossovers across the country. While part of this can be attributed to the arrival of COVID-19, there are other factors at play here.

Why did no one want this stylish crossover?

2020 Ford Escape
2020 Ford Escape | Ford

iSeeCars has a few theories as to why no one wanted a 2020 Ford Escape. Global pandemic aside, the most likely theory is tied to the arrival of the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport. Thanks to Ford hyping up the Bronco Sport for the better part of a year, buyers are reportedly more drawn to the brand-new model.

Since the Bronco Sport shares many components with the Escape, they are quite similar in price. The 2020 Escape starts at $24,885, while the Bronco Sport starts at $26,810. While personal finances rule purchases, it makes sense to get the latest and greatest for a small premium.

However, this theory doesn’t cover some fundamental issues with the 2020 Ford Escape. According to Consumer Reports, the 2020 model flunked the predicted reliability section. On top of that, it received an average predicted owner satisfaction score. Most of the issues with the 2020 model surround the crossover’s power equipment and in-car electronics.

These Ford models also had a rough 2020

The 2020 Ford Escape driving down a city street
2020 Ford Escape on the road | Photo via Ford

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If you thought the 2020 Ford Escape was the only model from this carmaker to have a bad time last year, you’d be wrong. In the same iSeeCars study, the Ford EcoSport took second place, with 71.3 percent of 2020 models still sitting in dealerships. The next Ford from there was the Expedition, with 61 percent of 2020 models still at dealerships. The same goes for the larger Expedition Max, which has 59.2 percent of all 2020 models left unsold.

While this is undoubtedly bad news for the 2020 Ford Escape and other models listed above, it may open excellent deals for patient shoppers. With so many 2020 models still in lots and 2021 models already on their way, Ford will need to move mountains to get all of these vehicles sold. As a result, don’t be surprised if a few smoking deals pop up in the coming weeks and months.