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The South Korean automaker Genesis is deep into the lifespan of its first-generation G70. The luxury sedan has enjoyed tweaks since its 2017 debut that have transformed it. After some minor issues dragged down the reputation of the G70 back in 2019, Genesis made all the right changes.

An entirely new generation of the G70 isn’t necessary, given the quality of this entry-level luxury option in 2023. Unfortunately, G70 sales are dragging badly in the United States. More consumers should be giving the Genesis flagship sedan a look, and a marketing refresh might be the only way to encourage that.

YTD sales numbers for the Genesis G70 are below expectations

Year-to-date Genesis G70 sales numbers are, frankly, miserable. This is a luxury vehicle that challenges Audi head-on in build quality terms. Yet GoodCarBadCar reports that American buyers have little interest in this highly-praised sedan.

G70 sales were off to a horrendous start, moving only 804 units in January and somehow falling to 719 units a month later. Things are looking relatively better in the final months of the year, with Genesis enjoying 1,751 sales in September.

Still, that only adds up to 10,683 YTD sales, a brutal number given how much the G70 has improved in recent years. This should be one of the go-to entry-level luxury vehicles, full stop. But new car buyers are still dragging their feet, even with a particularly strong feature set across both trims.

No G70 trims skimp on features

Genesis went with a simple lineup for the 2024 G70. There are two trims, Standard and Sports Prestige. Both offer a large array of fundamental customizations, which drastically change the driving experience.

The Standard trim is no slouch. The leatherette interior, including a leatherette-wrapped instrument panel, is not a massive downgrade from the real deal. A Power Driver Seat with four-way lumbar support, usually seen on higher trims, is standard here. Nearly all the assistive features are available across both trims, including Genesis Connected Services support.

The Sports Prestige option layers on interior upgrades alongside some minor exterior changes like the dark chrome grille. It comes with a wider sunroof, as well. The power-and-tilt telescopic steering wheel improves the driving experience while rain-sensing wipers streamline the day-to-day experience.

The G70 is a much better buy than its middling sales imply


How Much Is the Cheapest New 2023 Genesis Model?

Starting at just $40,525 MSRP, the 2023 Genesis G70 is an amazing entry-level luxury sedan. Its reputation is dragged down a bit by the resale market, where earlier model years held back its reputation. But these days, the build quality gets high marks, including a 4.3 rating from Kelley Blue Book.

The trick is to skip the 2.0T option and spend the extra cash to get the 3.3T model. At $46,025, it’s certainly a bigger investment, but at this price, it starts blowing away other luxury sedans in terms of price-to-performance and the sheer amount of features. This optional twin-turbo V6 brings more power while being nearly as efficient as the more sluggish 2.0T option.

Multiple drive modes allow drivers to adjust the top-end G70 on the fly, changing the steering feedback based on the speed and road conditions. And with the all-wheel drive option available, this is a sedan that can handle far more than similarly-priced vehicles. This is Audi build quality and a driving experience comparable to the BMW 3 Series in a less expensive package.

The problem is that consumers haven’t noticed the G70’s glow-up. Genesis needs to put some marketing muscle behind this vehicle because they’ve got an incredible opportunity on their hands. In the meantime, for drivers looking for functional luxury without needing a more prestigious badge, the 2023 G70 is a hidden gem.