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These days, the Genesis G70 is lauded as one of the most underrated luxury cars. But how are used G70 models holding up these days? Older models have some issues to consider, and the 2019 model is particularly problematic. With several recalls and reported problems, a used 2019 Genesis G70 is one luxury car you may want to avoid.

The 2019 Genesis G70 looks good, but has a lot of problems
2019 Genesis G70 | Genesis

Electrical problems plague used Genesis G70 models

While the newer models have solved this, older used Genesis G70 models came with a host of electrical issues. Unlike problems with mechanical parts, electrical problems can be some of the hardest to track down. In the case of the Genesis G70, issues include a flickering infotainment display that is not just distracting, but limits driver access to features. In addition, the screen can fail to show the rearview camera shot, creating a safety issue.

Other electrical gremlins reported on the earlier G70s include battery problems and issues with the auto stop/start function. Fortunately, just a few specific batches of G70s came with battery issues, but the auto-stop problems are more widespread.

Anti-lock braking recall in the early G70 models

When searching for a used 2019 Genesis G70, it may be prudent to check the vehicle history report for the ABS recall. Owners of the earlier G70 models reported malfunctions with the anti-lock brakes that triggered a check engine light. Furthermore, this problem could result in losing control when braking hard, especially on wet or slippery surfaces.

Fortunately, NHTSA issued a recall for the problem, so any repairs would come free of charge. The solution is a simple one – dealers will simply swap the ABS module fuse and you’ll be on your way.

Unintended acceleration may make a used 2019 Genesis G70 a bad proposition

Advanced driver assistance systems are typically a great way to bolster vehicle safety. In the 2019 Genesis G70, though, one such system was a liability. Owners of these early models report problems with the G70 suddenly accelerating toward vehicles in close proximity. The issue came from a problem with the forward collision warning system.

Especially prevalent in 2019 models, Genesis resolved the issue going forward and can apply it to 2019 models as well.

Transmission problems may leave drivers stranded in a used 2019 Genesis G70

2019 Genesis G70 from the rear driving past a Victorian house
2019 Genesis G70 | Genesis

While all of the above issues are inconvenient, the 2019 Genesis G70’s biggest worry is one that will leave you stranded. Many owners report that the transmission in their ‘19 G70s will get stuck in one gear and not shift. Some have even reported that the car will get stuck in park, leaving them unable to go anywhere. And in a small pocket of cases, the transmission would fail while driving and stall the car.

Not only is that a frustrating problem, but a big safety concern especially if the car stops suddenly in a busy area.

Genesis G70 reliability improved with later models

While it may be worth it to avoid the 2019 Genesis G70 in your used car search, by 2021 the car became a solid choice. With no recalls and few reported problems in the past two years, newer G70 models have raised the bar. Still, if your budget only leaves room for a used G70, consider a 2020 over a 2019 and avoid some of these common problems.

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