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In late 2022, Toyota unveiled the fifth-generation Prius, a hybrid continuously lauded for its fuel efficiency. However, the four-door hyper-miler now wears a completely redesigned body, looking more like the sports car it very much isn’t. A Prius with an athletic aesthetic was a hitherto unknown prospect. But Toyota seems to be getting even more creative with the plug-in hybrid. Reportedly, Gazoo Racing may be planning a high-performance version: the GRMN Prius.

What is Gazoo Racing?

Gazoo Racing is Toyota’s in-house performance road car division that competes in global endurance, rally, and touring car events. For those who don’t watch racing, Gazoo Racing is best known for its brand-exclusive “GR” performance cars.

In their 15 years of tuning and building cars, Gazoo Racing has over two dozen models to its name. Most of these didn’t come to North America, regrettably. Yet, most are familiar with recent offerings like the GR Corolla, GR Supra, GR Yaris, and GR86. Like the standard versions of the before-mentioned vehicles, Gazoo Racing may be doing the same with the Prius.

GRMN Prius underpinnings

2023 Toyota Prius
2023 Toyota Prius | Toyota

Best Car, which foretold of the GR Corolla three years ago, states that Toyota plans to spice up the Prius. The GRMN designation technically places it above the GR cars, but only time will tell for the proposed GRMN Prius.

The outlet claims that the Prius will feature the same GA-C chassis shared with the GR Corolla. But the four-door will sport a stiffened and “improved unibody” architecture, mainly from “extra spot welds and industrial adhesives.” Moreover, the GRMN Prius is said to have GR-spec “brakes, suspension, and an exclusive interior finish.”

What powertrain will the GRMN Prius have?

For the powertrain, it’s almost certain that Toyota will continue with a plug-in setup. The 2023 Toyota Prius has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder matched with an 83-kWh electric motor. Output is 194 horsepower in front-wheel drive models—196 horsepower in all-wheel drive configurations—with 139 pounds-feet of torque. Even a conservative power boost would put the GRMN Prius in competition with GR86. While a proposed fuel efficiency figure has yet to be released, it may drop from the standard 57 mpg.

Since the Prius shares the same chassis as the GR Corolla, it could have the wildly impressive turbocharged 1.6-liter three-cylinder. With 273 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, it has one of the highest power-to-displacement ratios, with 170 horsepower per liter. A potential powertrain could include a hybrid system to punch up output higher.

When will Toyota release the GRMN Prius?

Plans to create the GRMN Prius remain shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, Best Car asserts, “Toyota plans to introduce a peppy Prius some time (sic) between late 2023 and Spring 2024.”

Toyota hasn’t published official plans for a performance variant Prius, but that still leaves enthusiasts dreaming. There may not be many Prius fanatics beyond those who wax poetic over fuel economy. But an emerging segment of hybrid tuners could be in the works if Gazoo Racing and Toyota decide to make the GRMN Prius.


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