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Ford offers several Super Duty trucks in the F-Series. Heavy-duty models range from the F-250 to the gargantuan F-750. This article will focus on the slightly smaller yet highly capable F-550. Here are details about this commercial truck, including how much you can expect to pay for a fully loaded 2023 Ford F-550.

What do you get with the 2023 Ford F-550 XL base model?

The XL and all other 2023 Ford F-550 trims offer a choice of three cab configurations. For the Regular Cab model, you can choose from wheelbase sizes, including 145, 169, 193, and 205 inches. The Super Cab version has a wheelbase of 168 to 193 inches. Last, the Crew Cab offers a wheelbase measuring 178 and 204 inches. 

Additionally, the base model packs a 7.3-liter V8 engine producing 335 hp and 468 lb-ft of torque. It pairs with a 10-speed automatic transmission and a 4×2 drivetrain (4×4 is available).

Exterior features include 19.5-inch Argent-painted steel wheels and trailer tow mirrors. The interior has manually controlled air conditioning, black vinyl flooring, dual map lights, a color-coordinated cloth headliner, and a 4.2-inch production display screen. 

Ford starts the XL at $50,845. Note that these chassis cab models don’t have boxes or beds. However, the frame accommodates whatever option you add for hauling in the F-550

How much is a fully loaded 2023 Ford F-550 Lariat?

The most expensive of the three Ford F-550 trims is the Lariat. This range-topping model comes with the same cab configurations and wheelbase measurements as the XL. The Lariat also has the same 4×2 drivetrain, 7.3-liter engine, and a similar transmission, with the option to upgrade to a turbodiesel power plant. 

In addition, the top trim boasts 19.5-inch forged steel wheels, double rear wheels, and LED side-mirror spotlights. It also has body-colored door handles, a chrome grille, and LED reflector headlights.  

The interior includes leather front seats, dual-zone electronic automatic climate control, Ford’s Sync 4 system, remote start, and a folding, locking under-seat storage box.

Ford starts the Lariat at $65,910. But expect to pay about $82,000 for a fully loaded 2023 Ford F-550 after adding all the available packages and accessories.

Pricing for packages and accessories

Ford offers various packages and accessories to build a fully loaded 2023 F-550 Lariat. They include the following:

  • Azure metallic tri-coat exterior paint, $495
  • 6.7-liter V8 turbodiesel engine (producing 330 hp/950 lb-ft), $9,995
  • Trailer Tow Package,$580
  • Extra-heavy-duty front suspension (adds extra-heavy front springs), $285
  • Low Deflector Package (adds two-inch spacers), $110
  • Platform running boards, $445
  • Side window deflector kit, $160
  • Front-wheel well, $180
  • Engine block heater, $100
  • Skid plate transfer case, $100
  • Dual 40- and 26.5-gallon fuel tanks, $625
  • Exterior backup alarm, $175
  • Rearview camera and prep kit, $415
  • Roadside assistance kit,$70
  • First-aid kit, $50
  • All-weather floormats, $130
  • Rapid heat supplemental cab heater, $250
  • Pro Power Onboard, $985
  • Vehicle safe, $350
  • Payload Plus upgrade (increases GVWR from 18,000 to 19,500 pounds), $1,115

To calculate the price of a fully loaded Lariat, take the starting price of $65,910 and add $15,070 for all the packages and accessories. That gives you $80,980. Then tack on the $1,895 destination charge. So the total price of a fully loaded Ford F-550 Lariat is $82,875. 

The XL base model has several standard features and a significantly lower MSRP than the Lariat. So you’ll have to decide how much you want to spend on a work truck. Just expect to pay over $80,000 for all the bells and whistles.