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A video is circulating showing a woman hanging onto a speeding car’s hood after someone took her French bulldog from a Whole Foods in downtown Los Angeles.

On January 18, Ali Zacharias and her Frenchie, Onyx, were having lunch at the Whole Foods when a woman called to the dog, then picked the leach up and walked away. Ali followed the woman, who hopped into a car with the pup and locked the doors. There were three other people in the vehicle.

A black and white French bulldog sits on the front seat of a car and looks out the windshield in left profile view
A French bulldog sitting in a car | Patryk_Kosmider via iStock

Dog owner ends up on suspect’s car hood

Ali hurriedly stood in front of the car. Rather than staying put, the driver hit the gas, pushing Ali onto the car’s hood. She frantically grabbed for handholds and ultimately clung to the hood’s edges.

“I didn’t want the car to drive away, so I ran and stood in front of it. They drove into me and I fell on top of the hood, and just started to grab on,” she told reporters, “Before I knew it, they were like backing up and taking off.”

The white Kia Forte sped several blocks before taking a sharp turn. Ali was then thrown off of the hood.

The dog has not yet been recovered. Ali is offering a reward for the safe return of Onyx. Folks can call the LA police department with any information at (877) 275-5273.

Aside from animal theft, hitting a pedestrian in LA is a serious offense. According to Simmrin Law Group, a Burbank, California-based firm, striking a pedestrian and driving away could mean jail time, fines, and probation. Situations are also considered regarding whether the pedestrian was partially at fault.

The video shows Ali gripping the hood of the car while it speeds down a traffic-laden street without stopping.

Source: ABC 7 Chicago, Simmrin Law Group