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Chances are, many of you spent your childhood playing with toy cars and trucks. However, as time passed, that childhood passion developed into a fascination with real cars, and you may find yourself tinkering with them at every opportunity.

Cleetus McFarland is a perfect example of this. He is a popular automotive YouTuber and content creator known for his love of cars and speed. His real name is Garrett Mitchell, and he gained a following on YouTube with his humorous and entertaining videos featuring high-performance vehicles, stunts, and races. McFarland started his YouTube channel in 2014, and since then, his channel has gained millions of subscribers and over 500 million views. He is particularly well-known for his series “Cleetus and Cars,” which features car shows, races, and other automotive events.

Fortunately for Cleetus, he was able to turn his gearhead dreams into a reality. He bought a racetrack: the Freedom Factory.

What is the Freedom Factory?

The Freedom Factory is a racetrack and events venue that Cleetus McFarland purchased back in 2019. It is located in Bradenton, Florida, near McFarland’s hometown, and is a former industrial facility that he converted into a full-fledged racetrack. The track features a 1/8th mile drag strip, a skid pad, and a large oval course that can be configured in a variety of ways to suit different types of racing events.

According to LSX Mag, McFarland and his crew purchased an abandoned race track formally known as DeSoto Speedway. If you’re familiar with the area, it’s right by the Bradenton Motorsports Park. This 65-acre property with the racetrack was opened in the 1970s and has changed hands a few times throughout the years. In fact, the property was foreclosed and went up for auction in March of 2019.

Events at the FF

All-Pro Series and NASCAR All-American Challenge Series races at the DeSoto Speedway in Bradenton, Florida
The DeSoto speedway racetrack in Bradenton, Florida | ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images

Since its opening, the Freedom Factory has become a popular destination for car enthusiasts and motorsports fans from around the country. McFarland and his team host a wide variety of events there throughout the year, including drag racing competitions, burnout contests, car shows, drifting exhibitions, roll racing, and other high-octane activities. Cleetus McFarland and his team offer instructional classes and driving experiences for those who want to improve their skills behind the wheel.

In addition to hosting events, the Freedom Factory also serves as the headquarters for McFarland’s automotive business, which includes a performance shop and a fleet of race cars that he uses in his videos and at events.

Experience high-octane fun at the Freedom Factory

The Freedom Factory is a unique venue for car enthusiasts and motorsports fans. Owned by popular YouTuber Cleetus McFarland, the track offers a range of events and activities that cater to everyone from amateur enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. With its state-of-the-art facilities and thrilling atmosphere, the Freedom Factory has become a must-visit destination for anyone who loves cars and high-speed action. Whether you want to race, watch a competition, or just enjoy the excitement of the automotive world, you will have an unforgettable experience. 

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