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What maybe comes as a surprise to Ford is how successful its midsize Ranger pickup is. Introduced in the U.S. in 2019, after being available elsewhere since 2011, it has sold on average 100,000 trucks over the past three years. But does that enthusiasm for the Ranger translate into higher resale values? Let’s look.

When did the Ford Ranger return to the U.S.?

The 2022 Ford Ranger is a mid-size truck with off-road capability, especially with the FX4 Off-Road package
2019 Ford Ranger | Ford

While the rest of the world got the new Ford Ranger in 2011, the U.S. got two more years of the older version before it was discontinued. Over that time the popularity of pickup trucks only increased. As Ford killed off its car lines, adding a midsize pickup built back up what it lost. 

Just as there was a time when coupes and sedans came in a range of sizes, Ford needed to apply that logic to its trucks. So 2019 saw the return of the Ranger, and it picked up where it left off in 2012. But how does it fare in the secondary market? 

What were the criteria for determining used 2019 Ford Ranger prices?

The 2022 Ford Ranger is available with the FX4 Off-Road package.
2019 Ford Ranger | Ford

We narrowed down the choices to 2019 4×4 Supercrew four-door trucks. Most of the trucks we check had mileage of around 30,000 miles, though some had much less. You can figure off-lease three-year-old Rangers average about 36,000 miles. And all of them were XLT trims, which is the middle level between XL and Lariat models. 

Ranger prices were taken from the Los Angeles area as well as Atlanta and New Jersey. This way we get a sampling of different markets to see any variations in pricing. And we kept to dealers, which have by far more selection than we find from private sellers. 

When new, the Ranger XLT’s MSRP in 2019 started at $29,000, with options pushing it to $33,000. The $33,000 number was the starting price for the top-of-the-line Lariat trim. Beginning in the Los Angeles area, prices are between $29,500 and $34,000. 

We checked around the country to see if prices varied, but they didn’t

The 2022 Ford Ranger is a mid-size truck with four-wheel drive
Ford Ranger | Ford

Should You Buy A Used Ford Ranger in 2021?

The Englewood, New Jersey prices are the same as LA. Likewise in Atlanta. Lariat models are pushing $39,000 in all three areas as well. With such consistency, we took a look at the Ranger prices in Chicago. They are slightly higher by a few thousand dollars. From private parties, you should expect around $3,000 to $5,000 less. 

So the Ranger has a very consistent price across the U.S. And it is selling used for around what it cost new in 2019. Granted, this is partially the responsibility of the crazy used car prices that have been with us since 2020. The good news for used car buyers is that it looks like prices have started to level off. 

But you may want to consider a new Ranger if you’re able to pay the price of a used 2019 model. That’s because a 2022 Ranger XLT MSRP starts at $29,500. The Super Cab XLT with 4×4 is $33,250, while the 4×4 Supercrew XLT starts at $35,500. And at least in the Los Angeles area, dealerships have some inventories of 2022 Rangers, which can’t be said for all 2022 trucks.