Ford’s Latest Pickup Truck News Is Certainly Different

Ford has been the name on many lips these past few months. With the highly anticipated Bronco soon to come, then the newer reports that Ford is planning to make a pickup version of the Bronco that is meant to provide competition for the Jeep Gladiator, most people have been on the edge of their seats.

But recently, Mike Levine, the manager of Ford North America Product Communications, recently confirmed that Ford would be releasing something soon. With such a title, it would be hard not to take his word for it. But what’s the big news?

New release from Ford?

Some time back, Mike Levine jumped on Twitter posting a trio of tweets saying that the new release will be similar to the original Ranger but much smaller, adding that those who are a fan of small trucks will not be disappointed.

He further added that the release would fit a need in the market that has not yet been met and that while Ford does not comment on speculations about future products, it might tease them. To add to the mystery, he reported that there have not been any spy photos of the upcoming release.

Safe to say that the tweet sparked a frenzy within the automobile world. However, with the reported absence of spy photos, the highly anticipated Ranger Raptor was the first to be ruled out as the possible subject of the soon to come announcement.

Pointing to Levine’s tweet that mentioned fans of small trucks will not be disappointed, it could be that Ford is creating a regular cab two-door version of the Ranger. Already, the car company offers the SuperCab that has two doors and four seats. With the second row having a small space, removing it would make it possible to fit a longer bed while maintaining the length of the overall body.

Some speculated that the announced release could have something to do with reports made by Automobile magazine regarding the Bronco pickup truck. The magazine further reported that according to AutoForecast Solutions, the design and engineering of the pickup truck began a few months before Jeep launched its pickup.

However, since reports have gone on to state that the pickup truck based on the Bronco SUV is not scheduled for production until July of 2024; it is highly unlikely that the news Levine was tweeting about has anything to do with that release either.

With the Ranger Raptor and the Bronco pickup ruled out, some thought it could be a new Ford Courier which an executive from Ford confirmed would happen. Reports are speculating that the car will be based on Focus’ platform and might even be electrified. Car And Driver further reported that Ford has applied to trademark the name in the United States. So, could this be what the news is about?

The new release is here

Ford’s new truck release is here. The company released a teaser video, and though the vehicle is not fully revealed, the video depicts an ultra-boxy pickup. Could Ford be in the process of coming up with a small F-150 similar to the Little Tykes car meant for children?

With the upcoming release of the iOS 13 software by Apple, some are speculating that the release might not be a car at all. They say that the company might be making an F-150 emoji to coincide with Apple’s software release. Are you dying to know what the release is?

Ford finally unveiled the release it has been teasing, and it turns out it was not a truck; well, not actually. Instead, the release is a pickup emoji which was released to celebrate World Emoji Day.