Ford Turns Police SUVs Into Giant Microwave Ovens To Kill Coronavirus

Doing whatever it can do to keep our men in blue safe Ford has come up with a novel way to kill the coronavirus in Police SUVs. Ford is offering software that it says kills 99.9% of viruses hiding on surfaces of Police Interceptor interiors. Some police agencies are already using it. The decontamination idea seems simple enough; heat the Explorer interior until it kills the viruses. So essentially Ford turns police cars into giant microwave ovens to kill coronavirus. 

This is how the police can kill the coronavirus

2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid
2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor | Ford

Here’s how it works according to the Detroit Free Press. The software allows the HVAC system to increase the interior temperature past 133-degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it there for about 15-minutes and you’re clean as a whistle. All interior touchpoints are now disinfected. 

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With both heat and fan settings on high, the software warms the engine to the point it can provide hot water to the heater. It monitors the interior temperature. Once the interior reaches at least 133-degrees that level is maintained for 15 minutes. 

After the 15-minutes has passed the vehicle goes into a cool-down mode. The system flashes lights to show which mode it has entered into. Once the interior has been brought back down to a reasonable temperature the lights flash indicating the vehicle is safe to enter. 

Works great for keeping coffee piping hot, too

This is also a great idea for keeping those to-go donuts nice and fresh. Just toss them into the back seat and push the decontamination button. Works great for keeping coffee piping hot, too. Just don’t leave it on too long or it melts the foam coffee cups. But we digress…

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor | Throttle House via Instagram

Ford first explored the idea in mid-March. By mid-May, it was already being used by many police agencies. It relied on Ohio State University for its studies to determine the proper temperature and duration for decontaminating viruses. 

The software was first tested by a number of police agencies. These included the New York and Los Angeles police departments, Michigan State Police, Massachusetts State Police, Boardman Township Police Department in Ohio, and Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

Police service departments or Ford dealerships can install the software

Since most police agencies have their own service departments they can install the software. If that isn’t an option local Ford dealerships can also provide the service. It can be added to any 2013-2019 Ford Police Interceptor SUV. 

Ford F-150 Police Responder police pickup
Ford F-150 Police Responder police pickup | Ford

This is called good old Yankee ingenuity. It’s what America is known for. The obvious solution is to wipe down an interior to kill the viruses. But this idea cuts down on exposure while raising the effectiveness, without lifting a finger. 

The country may have waited a bit too long before going into action. But once it did we had ventilators, face masks, and now decontamination devices for police within a short amount of time. ‘Murika! Yeah!