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The Blue Oval is pitting the Ford Bronco Sport against some of the most popular small SUVs in YouTube comparison videos. Some of the comparisons seem downright odd because of size differences. Why is Ford producing so much Bronco Sport content, and is there any truth behind the small SUV rivaling class-leading SUV models?

Ford really wants you to know that the Ford Bronco Sport is a contender

For those who aren’t familiar with the Bronco Sport, think smaller and more readily available Bronco. After a long hiatus, the Bronco nameplate caused quite the ruckus when it reemerged in 2021.

Consumers quickly got excited about Ford’s small off-road SUV, and pre-orders were filled in record time. Everyone wanted a piece of the Bronco. What about its smaller sibling?

The Ford Bronco Sport is a smaller budget Bronco model with plenty of off-roading chops. The Bronco Sport Badlands trim is about as close to the OG Bronco as it can get.

Ford clearly wants consumers to view the Bronco Sport as a competitor because it keeps pitting the subcompact SUV against opponents that are very different from the off-road vehicle. Thus far, Ford has made videos comparing the Bronco Sport to the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Subaru Forester, and many other small SUVs. Why is Ford pushing the Bronco Sport so hard and pitting it against vehicles that aren’t in its segment because of its size?

The Bronco Sport is the next best thing for those who can’t buy a Bronco

Ford is pushing the Bronco Sport so hard because the demand for the bigger Bronco model is much higher than the Blue Oval can currently supply. There’s no way for Ford to meet the demand for the Bronco anytime soon, so it’s naturally highlighting the next best option.

This way, consumers frustrated with the unavailability of the Bronco have an alternative that’s just close enough to the OG model to be worth buying. To showcase the Bronco Sport’s strengths, Ford is comparing the subcompact SUV to larger, more popular compact SUVs that the Bronco normally clashes with.

These comparisons can get pretty strange because the Bronco Sport costs more than most compact SUVs despite being smaller, so it takes a hit in the affordability category. There aren’t enough Broncos for consumers, and the ones that Ford did manage to make have had serious delivery delay issues. The Blue Oval even shipped some Broncos without certain minor parts to expedite the process.

Now, Bronco engine problems are making headlines. The Bronco Sport could save the day. If Ford champions it, consumers may buy the subcompact SUV and avoid the controversy surrounding the larger model.

The Ford Bronco Sport isn’t for everyone

A gray 2022 Ford Bronco Sport small SUV.
The 2022 Ford Bronco Sport | Ford

The 2022 Ford Bronco Sport works as a daily driver, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s more expensive than more spacious and more popular compact SUVs. Ultimatley, consumers buying the Bronco Sport are likely looking for some off-roading capability.

That capability comes with a steep price when choosing the most hardcore off-road trim, the Bronco Sport Badlands. Most consumers will favor more practical and affordable SUV models, but the Bronco Sport certainly has garnered plenty of attention recently.

Read about how the Bronco Sport compares to the OG Bronco in the next article below.


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