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If we’ve seen it once, we’ve seen it a million times; some hotshot tries to show off in front of a crowd at a car event, doesn’t know what they’re doing, and runs multiple people down. However, this time, the event was at a Lamborghini dealership. One thing remains the same; the “hot shoe” driver was driving a Ford Mustang. They always are. 

Ford Mustang rams crowd in Florida
Car show ends in Mustang Madness | YouTube via Ike Yoder

Stay away from Ford Mustangs at car events

As with all these videos, it appears the Mustang owner was planning to leave and wanted to give the spectators a little Instagram filler. It looks as though the Mustang driver was trying to drift, maybe? It’s hard to know for sure. Whatever they were going for clearly didn’t happen. 

According to CarScoops, the car event at the Lamborghini dealership was rudely interrupted when the Mustang takes a sharp right directly into the crowd. If they were attempting a stunt, we never got to see what that might have been. 

Why can’t we just leave car events calmly? 

After the Mustang driver blew his trick in front of, and on top of, the crowd, two young males exited the car, amongst the crowd, and were stunned at what happened. 

The two Mustang occupants talk to a few of the people, some who were standing by and others who seem to have been hit or at least dove out of the way. 

As you might imagine, some of these bystanders are pretty angry at the Ford Mustang boys. The video shortly shows one of the two with his hands outstretched in front of an angry crowd. The body language displayed here is certainly one of defense. 

Local news reports that, thankfully, no one seemed to be seriously injured by the Mustang shinanigans. None of the bystanders were taken to the hospital. However, one person reported an injured ankle, though we don’t have any further details on this reporting. 

Why do Mustangs crash so much? 

Ford Mustang hoping curb and into people
Car show ends in Mustang Madness | YouTube via Ike Yoder

Mustangs aren’t predisposed to crashes (although sometimes it may seem that way). Of course, they aren’t. That would be absurd. Right? I’m kidding. The Mustang is one of the most glorified and legendary nameplates in the car world. 

Although the ‘stang can often be the butt of many jokes amongst car nerds, the Mustang has earned its glory after decades of innovation, racing glory, and trendsetting, time and time again. 

It’s unfortunate that the Mustang is such a yabbo magnet, but this is simply the way of the world. Anything with gobs of power like the hotter Ford Mustang models will always attract the more heavy-footed and less trained. This is the way. 

However frustrating and scary these kinds of antics are, we must protect the Mustang’s legacy. The Mustang is still a beloved member of the car nerd world; it just has some bad PR to contend with. 

At least some justice was served. The local Sarasota police department wrote two citations and said the event would continue to be investigated.


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