Dodge Challenger Hellcat Flips Chevy Silverado In a Stunning Display of Stupidity

Cars and Coffee meets are all good and well, but it does seem to attract foolish and dangerous drivers. The owner of this modded Dodge Challenger Hellcat decided to attempt to impress the crowd by doing a burnout but quickly lost control, slammed into a Chevy Silverado, and rolled it over. This was not only an embarrassing burnout; it was was stupid and reckless.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat crashes into Chevy Silverado
Dodge Challenger Hellcat flipping a chevy Silverado | YouTube Post by Andrew Bruckbauer

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is for showoffs

Cars and Coffee is a fun thing that has blown up over the past few years. Towns and cities across the country have started weekend meetups where people bring their most cherished rides. Unfortunately, groups of car enthusiasts can only be cool for so long until someone like this Dodge Hellcat owner shows up and tries to show how cool he is.

After the Hellcat driver’s foolish and failed stunt, the Cars and Coffee meet in Loveland, CO, where this crash happened, is now canceled.

What happened to this Chevy Silverado?

As seen on Motor1, the clip shows the Challenger Hellcat driver leaving the Cars and Coffee event and pulling onto the public road. The whiney supercharger screams as the driver attempts to do a burnout and almost immediately loses control and sideswipes a chevy Silverado driving down the road.

What may have easily been just a stupid fender bender turned more serious once the Silverado got hit. The pickup truck got turned sideways as the Challenger was still pushing forward and eventually flips the Chevy onto its roof. Thankfully both drivers were ok, but someone from the Chevy Silverado was transported to the local hospital for some minor injuries.

What happened to the Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

First of all, doing rolling burnouts and drifting on public roads is not the best idea for even the most skilled drivers. It is selfish, dangerous, and illegal. But, as is the case with this driver (and most others who treat public roads as their private race track), he clearly didn’t have the skill to do this; he just had a 700-hp he couldn’t handle.

An image of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat outdoors.
Dodge Challenger | Stellantis

Second of all, a fast car does not make a fast driver. Drivers like this one ruin sports and muscle cars for the rest of us. In particular, this crash ruined the local Cars and Coffee meet for the folks by getting the meet canceled indefinitely.

The Hellcat owner walked away with no more than a ticket for reckless driving and a busted-up Challenger. Everyone from the event is eager to distance themselves from the goofball driver, and for good reason. One of the Co-Hosts for Loveland Cars and Coffee felt the need to make a post on Instagram disavowing that sort of reckless driving shortly after the incident.


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People should be more careful with powerful cars

The Hellcat comes in various flavors at this point, but the thing they all have in common is a wild amount of power and few other things to keep it doing the right thing. The plain Hellcat makes 707 horsepower. If you get up to the Redeye, it nearly 800 horsepower.

This isn’t refined sports car power like Ferrari or Lamborghini with massive breaks and specially engineered tires and aero. No, the Hellcat is just a Challenger with a bazillion horsepower. The Challenger also doesn’t have the most finely-tuned chassis of anything on the road.

Things like this are bound to happen with cars like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It is overpowered, has no grip, and no chassis to speak of. Give a car like that to an underskilled overhyped driver, and they will crash it into stuff. That’s just science.