Watch: Mercedes AMG C63 Owner Burns Up New Car Showing Off

The owner of this brand-new Mercedes AMG C63 couldn’t help but try to do a burnout showing off. His buds were all there for a wedding celebration and he had the new AMG Mercedes he just won in a competition. Yeah, a free AMG C63 coupe. 

The wedding took place in the Chester Hill area of Sydney, Australia. With all of his friends gathered outside of the wedding, he tried to do a burnout with the powerful AMG C63. After numerous attempts, it still wouldn’t spin the tires. What’s wrong?!

Mercedes AMG C63 burnout fire | YouTube screen grab

A burst of fire can be seen spitting out of the coupe

The owner, Jean-Pierre Mouawad, either didn’t know that the traction control was on, or didn’t know what it was. In either case, he tried again, and when someone suggested he turn off the traction control he made another burnout attempt. With this last attempt, a burst of fire can be seen spitting out of the coupe, then smoke from a fire. 

Shots of the inside show a melted interior and an obvious verdict of the car being totaled. In reports, the owner tried to claim that a mechanical failure caused the fire. There was a former recall for the potential of foaming transmission fluid causing a fire. But when the owner suggested that was the cause Mercedes informed him cases of that happening occur only in extreme driving situations. Obviously, this was not an extreme driving situation, as reported by Australia’s 7NEWS

The police issued the embarrassed AMG C63 owner a Future Court Attendance Notice

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The police had a better idea of what happened and issued the embarrassed Mouawad a Future Court Attendance Notice. In other words, a Notice To Appear in court. Police say he was “driving in a dangerous manner,” as well as “negligent driving.” 

We do know that Mouawad and his passengers all escaped the incident without any injuries. This video has seen its fair share of shares on social media. It is always entertaining to see an idiot do an idiotic thing and pay a price for it. While the coupe looks salvageable it is going to need a lot replaced before it will see street duty. 

Whether this is an S model is unclear. Even a base AMG C63 runs over $70,000 with S models going past $75,000. With over 500 hp for the S, this will fry the tires no problem. But the traction control needs to be turned off, first. Carrying around two tons of fun doesn’t help, but should still net a solid burnout. Let this be a lesson to all that for the initial satisfaction of burning some rubber you may pay with a hefty repair bill. Or, even totaling your car.