The Ford Maverick Is Snatching Buyers From Honda Civics and Toyota RAV4s

It isn’t a secret that the Ford Maverick pickup truck has been a hit with buyers. However, the compact pickup truck’s popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Sales for the Honda Civic and Toyota RAV4 are down, but demand for the Maverick remains high. The Ford Maverick is snatching buyers from well-established customer bases.

The Ford Maverick is snatching buyers because it has more to offer than the Honda Civic and Toyota RAV4

The Ford Maverick is taking buyers from the Honda Civics and Toyota RAV4s
The 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid XLT compact truck | Ford

According to Newsweek, the low starting price of the 2022 Ford Maverick has been a big draw for buyers. In 2022, Ford has managed to move 38,753 Mavericks. That’s 5,000 more units sold than the well-established Ford Ranger.

The semiconductor chip shortage has significantly impacted the automotive industry, slowing Honda and Toyota’s production. Buyers couldn’t find vehicles like the Honda Civic and the Toyota RAV4 because everyone wanted one.

This appears to have led buyers into the arms of the reasonably priced Ford Maverick pickup truck. Due to this, sales and demand for the Civic and RAV4 are down. Newsweek says that buyers have passed on buying over 200,000 RAV4s.

If the Ford Maverick can keep first-time customers happy, these might turn into long-term customers

The entry-level vehicle, such as the $20,995 Ford Maverick, is the “launching point for brand loyalty.” 60% of Maverick buyers are new to the brand, but Ford could have these buyers sticking around for a while.

“It was a fairly radical move by Ford to make its entry level vehicle be a small hybrid pickup, but given the North American market’s obsession for trucks, it has worked out very well for Ford with demand far outstripping supply.”

 Ed Kim | AutoPacific president and chief analyst

The $20,995 base model Maverick isn’t a bare-bones truck, either. Ford has equipped the pickup truck with many options, engine choices, colors, and configurations to keep many buyers interested. Plus, it has better fuel economy than either option from Toyota and Honda. The base model 2022 RAV4 starts at $25,975, while the 2022 Civic starts at $22,550. Kim says getting these buyers into a Maverick is a win-win for the entry-level customer.

The compact pickup truck has a long road ahead of it, but it is well-equipped for the journey


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If Ford can show that the Maverick is a reliable and durable option for buyers in the next few years, the brand has the potential to keep these customers. Long-term Toyota fans might give more Ford vehicles a try after a positive experience.

With the 2023 Ford Maverick is prepping for rollout, even more buyers will be experiencing Ford ownership. Ford announced the new Maverick Tremor off-road package, making it even more capable. Plus, the automaker has been ramping up production to meet demand.

Maverick and Ranger marketing manager Trevor Scott spoke to Newsweek and said the company aimed for a better order experience and more communication during the build process. If Ford can continue at this pace, there will be a lot of Ford Mavericks on the road soon.