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Need a wipe? Well, scoop up some free toilet paper off of the California highway. Suddenly, rolls of tissue paper flew out the back of a Ford F-350 creating a mess comprised of soft white squares. The Ford F-350 kept going as traffic got delayed for hours.

Ford F-150 spills toilet paper all over the Interstate 5 Freeway

Motorists on Interstate 5 Freeway in California faced hours of delays after a Ford F-150 dumped toilet paper all over the highway.

The rolls of tissue paper blocked multiple lanes of traffic in Santa Clarita by Newhall near the Calgrove Bloevard exit.

California Highway Patrol reported that three large boxes of toilet paper somehow fell out of the Ford F-350.clogging traffic. It’s a mystery because police officers have no idea how the TP rolls flew out the back of the truck.

As a result, traffic was delayed for hours. Police officers could be seen throwing multiple rolls over a cement barrier that separates the interstate from a construction zone. Hopefully, it was then collected and properly disposed of.

Traffic kept moving as only two lanes were closed. It took until 12:40 PM to clear up the mess. But things could have been worse.

The Ford F-350 is massive with plenty of room to carry tons of toilet paper. The 2024 model has the best-in-class payload capacity of up to 8,000 lbs. It can also tow up to 27,000 lbs.

The average roll of toiler paper weighs in at 8.0 ounces. It’s unclear why the truck was carrying so many rolls, but it could have held a lot more.

Plus, this story is giving me PTSD. Remember when the Covid pandemic started and there was a massive toilet paper shortage? Was this F-350 driver hoarding it?

While running over toilet paper probably wouldn’t be an issue, it was still a dangerous event. The boxes could have hit other vehicles and caused accidents.

Toilet paper could have flown up and blocked windshields. Plus, the police officers at the scene could have been hit. I’m happy no one and no vehicles were harmed.