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When you ask about the Power Stroke diesel engine, the answer is “yes, you can.” Yes, you can have this impressive power plant under the hood of your 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty truck. Unlike some other vehicles that only allow special engines under some of the top trims, Ford gives you this engine across the lineup. With six trims offered, your F-350 will have the power of a strong diesel engine, no matter the configuration.

Every 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty can have the Power Stroke diesel engine, but not all body styles

Big power in the 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty with the Power Stroke diesel engine
2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty | Ford

The F-350 comes in three body styles (Regular, Super, and Crew Cab), but not all of these body styles come at every trim level. Thankfully, you won’t have to make choices when you want big, strong diesel power under the hood. The 6.7-liter turbocharged Power Stroke engine makes 375 horsepower and 1050 lb-ft of torque and is an option for every model of this truck.

What are the six trims offered for the F-350?

  • XL
  • XLT
  • Lariat
  • King Ranch
  • Platinum
  • Limited

This truck is in the luxury territory from the King Ranch trim and above while the lower three trims are more affordable and more popular at job sites.

Is the 6.7-liter Power Stroke a good engine?

Consumer Reports found a satisfying new pickup truck
The 2022 Ford F-350 truck in blue | Ford

Compared to other diesel engines, the 6.7-liter Power Stroke has proven itself to be a good engine. MotorTrend tells us the first-generation model had a few issues, but these have been addressed in the torque monster we see today.

Is there an F-350 trim that only comes with the Power Stroke diesel engine?

Yes, the top, Limited trim, only has diesel power. Car Buzz tells us this trim has a full package of features, standard 4WD, and uses the strength of the diesel V8 to give this truck the power desired. If this is the trim you want to drive, the price is $89,505.

What is the life expectancy of a 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engine?

2021 Ford F-Series Super Duty
2021 Ford F-Series Super Duty | Ford

Like other automakers, Ford offers a 200,000-mile warranty for the diesel engine. Driving Line offers details about the components of this engine. With proper care and maintenance, there’s no reason the Power Stroke engine won’t last more than 400,000 miles, giving consumers a truck they can trust for a long time.

How long do Ford F-350 Super Duty diesel trucks last?

This big truck with the dually layout can last a long time. Motor and Wheels tells us there are some Super Duty trucks with more than 800,000 miles still on the road. If you buy a 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty with the Power Stroke diesel engine, you’re committing to longevity and will have a truck that carries the load for many years.

How much can the F-350 Power Stroke tow and carry?

This big Ford truck can tow up to 37,000 pounds and carry as much as 7,850 pounds in the bed. Kelley Blue Book tells us this is the strongest truck in its class, and these numbers prove that.

How much does this Ford truck cost?

As you would expect, the price varies by the trim. The starting price for the F-350 XL is $39,410, with the addition of the Power Stroke diesel engine adding about $10,000 to the cost.

Should you buy the 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty Power Stroke diesel truck?

If you need the biggest, baddest hauler in the business, this is the right truck to drive. Yes, it comes at a hefty price, but this truck could last up to 20 years or more, depending on how often you drive. For some, the F-350 might be overkill. If that’s the case for you, there are plenty of other, lower-powered options in the market.


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