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The cost of owning an electric vehicle differs from that of a traditional gasoline vehicle. The Ford F-150 Lightning ownership costs remain largely unknown as the electric truck just hit the market. However, let’s check out the price of electricity for the Lightning verse the cost of gasoline for the traditional Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Ford F-150 Lightning ownership costs can be estimated using electricity and gas

Ford F-150 Lightning ownership costs
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in snow | Ford

Town and Country TV recently decided to analyze the Ford F-150 Lightning ownership costs on YouTube. So, what does it cost to own and operate a Ford F-150 lightning electric truck? The particular truck tested is the Lightning Lariat with the standard range battery pack.

You can estimate some costs using the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy with data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s The fuel savings calculator lets you compare the F-150 Lightning electric truck to a regular Ford F-150 pickup truck.

The Lightning got 70 combined MPGe, with 63 MPGe for the highway. The 2022 Ford F-150 with the 3.5 six-cylinder engine and automatic transmission is the most popular combination. This version gets 19 mpg combined and 23 mpg on the highway.

Comparing Ford F-150 Lightning ownership costs to the gasoline F-150

Mitchell from Town and Country TV used the mileage of 16,500 miles driven per year, with about 55% of that being city driving for these numbers. The timeline used is 10 years. The cost of electricity used in the equation is $0.14 kWh, and the price of gas used is $4.99 per gallon. That’s the average cost in the area for electricity and gas at the time.

Using all this information, the cost of charging the Ford F-150 Lightning home is $1,107 per year. That breaks down to $92 a month, $21 a week, and 6.7 cents per mile. Over 10 years that works out to be $11,070 in electricity.

For the gasoline-powered Ford F-150, the cost of gas works out to be $4,333 per year. That’s $361 a month and $83 a week. That works out to 26.3 cents per mile and $43,330 over 10 years.

The electric truck does offer savings over gas


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Using this analysis, the Lightning saves you $32,260 over 10 years, $3,227 per year, $269 per month, and $62 per week. This won’t include destination charging or charging at work, which could lower the cost even more. Electricity in some areas is also much more expensive, but so is gas.

Many variables go into this calculation, but you can try it out and compare it to your vehicle too. Your electricity provider probably puts the price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) on your bill, or you can google the average price in your state.

The Ford F-150 Lightning has more costs associated with ownership just like any vehicle. It isn’t clear yet what the cost of ownership will be over time, but it is still likely less than a conventional gasoline car.