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Trucks aren’t just diesel and gasoline anymore. The Ram 1500 pickup truck is going electric! The 2024 Ram 1500 EV is finally upon us, and it has a pretty significant advantage over similar electric trucks. What can the all-electric Ram 1500 do that other trucks cannot?

The Ram 1500 EV truck won’t arrive until 2024

The Ram 1500 EV is going electric
The Ram 1500 EV electric truck | Ram

It probably won’t come as a surprise that the Ram 1500 pickup truck is getting an electric version. Almost all major manufacturers have announced plans for an electric truck to keep up with the traditional gasoline versions. InsideEVs says that Ram confirmed its first all-electric pickup truck will arrive in 2024 but probably won’t be on dealership lots for another year.

Last week, Ram CEO Mike Koval confirmed the Ram 1500 EV concept at the New York International Auto Show. Ahead of the 2024 release, the company plans to reveal or preview the electric truck sometime this year. Those who are a part of the Ram Real Talk Tour might get a preview of the EV even before that.

The Ram Real Talk Tour allows the automaker to converse with consumers about what future vehicles need. Ram wants to understand better the wants of its customer base to design the next generation of trucks and vans.

The Ram 1500 EV has a serious advantage over other electric trucks

Koval said to Automotive News that Ram has a master plan to give customers the right design for the future lineup. The Ram 1500 EV featured some LED strips on the front and the glowing RAM logo in teaser images released last month. The truck’s tail end looks similar, with glowing taillights on either end of another glowing logo.

There hasn’t been much more revealed about the newest electric truck to tease the market. Unfortunately, the electric Ram truck is slated for a much later release date. Electric trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning and GMC Hummer EV Pickup will have been on the market for two years (if all goes as planned). The Chevrolet Silverado EV is slated for production in 2023, likely still beating the Ram by a whole year.

On the flip side, this gives Ram an advantage that the other electric trucks won’t have. It can adjust based on customer feedback by releasing the Ram 1500 EV after the other trucks have been on the market for a bit. Ram will get to learn what people like and don’t like and be able to modify certain things as necessary.

The 2022 Ram ProMaster delivery van will come before the electric truck

Due to this feedback, the design of the electric Ram isn’t set in stone yet. The automaker has received at auto shows in the last few months to decide what the all-electric Ram 1500 should look and perform like. It will use the same STLA Frame platform that other models will use in the future. This platform holds a battery pack of 159 kWh in size up to 200 kWh.

Ram also plans to release the 2022 Ram ProMaster delivery van by the end of this year. While the Ram 1500 EV won’t be the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle, it will still be a big part of the lineup. Stellantis is aiming for 100% of electric vehicle sales in Europe and 50% in the U.S. by the end of the decade.


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